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editable in ms wordTrade Shows-Events Procedure

The Trade Shows-Events Procedure outlines steps for planning, exhibiting and following-up on product trade shows and events. The event policy allows your company to meet many potential customers face-to-face in a short period of time and in a cost-effective manner.

This Trade Shows-Events Procedure applies to all trade shows or events where your company’s products are displayed for the purposes of marketing and sales. (26 pages, 3018 words)

Trade Shows-Events Responsibilities:

The Marketing Manager are responsible for developing Trade Show and Event Plans and for conducting post-show reviews.

Top Management is responsible for approving the Trade Show/Event Plan.

The Trade Show Coordinator is responsible for implementing Trade Show/Event Plans, measuring trade show/event activities, and following up on contacts. If the Company does not have such a position, the Marketing or Sales Manager will have these responsibilities.

Trade Shows-Events Definitions:

Event – Specific function held on a specific date or period of time including, but not limited to, accommodations, services, and other facilities; summit, symposium, or conference with current or potential customer invitees, focusing on content designed to improve sales or customer relations with this or a related audience/market group. Examples: a professional organization’s monthly meetings; annual conferences; conventions.

Trade show – Exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services, or an exhibition of businesses offering franchises and/or business opportunity packages for sale.  Trade shows are not normally open to the general public – only company representatives and members of the press are invited.

Trade Shows-Events ProcedureTrade Shows-Events Procedure Activities

  • Planning Trade Shows and Events
  • Exhibiting
  • Trade Show/Exhibit Evaluation
  • Adjusting the Trade Show/Exhibit Plan

Trade Shows-Events Procedure References

  • Sales Marketing Policy Manual
  • Regulations/Statutes

Trade Shows-Events Procedure Forms



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