What should a COO Know about Value Stream Mapping?

Value stream mapping is a really important tool for COOs. It helps them to see how their organization works, spot areas of waste, and decide how to improve. Creating a map of the value stream gives COOs insights into their business. They can use this to see where they can cut waste, reduce wait times, and […]

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Why is Process Mapping an Important Tool for Improving Processes?

A Process Map is considered a “best practice” to developing Quality Management Systems (QMS), procedures or system of procedures. learn how to use them.

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What Is Meant by Business Process Mapping?

Process mapping is about communicating your process to others so that you achieve your management objectives.

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What is the Purpose of a Process Map?
April 10, 2022 - Make a Process Map

Process maps visually describe the flow of activities of a process and are not limited to a single business department or function.

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How Does Business Process Management BPM Software Deliver Business Value?

BPM, better known as the Business Process Management system, understands the basics and advanced level operations being conducted in any business domain and delivers appropriate solutions to manage them professionally, leading to system automation. How does business process management (BPM) software deliver business value?

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What is the Goal of Value Stream Map Analysis?

How can you use a value stream map so you can begin to propose possible solutions?

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What are the Different Levels of Process Mapping?
December 6, 2020 - Make a Process Map

Process Maps typically help us describe the current state of a whole process, albeit with just a slice. No judgments are made; we’re simply describing what we see. Weƒ’re not trying to convince anyone of anything. But when we cross the line to advocate for change, we need new types of maps and tools.

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What Are Swim Lane Process Maps?
July 2, 2020 - Make a Process Map

Swim Lane Maps show roles, hand-off of information, and responsibilities that help teams work together.

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How to Use Workflow Diagrams and Rendered Process Maps
June 28, 2020 - Make a Process Map

Workflow Diagrams and Rendered Process Maps translate abstract UML symbols of squares and diamonds into graphical images, which tell a more complete story.

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