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The Design Change Procedure AS9100 outlines the procedure for requesting changes to company products or processes and implementing those changes. The aerospace design change procedure also assures orderly, controlled, and effective changes to every aspect of the design of the company products. (8 pages, 949 words)

A design change procedure starts with a request. Typically, a request for design change will either come from the customer or from within the company. As a rule, customers will formally submit design change requests, supplying the necessary supporting documents (technical drawings, specification data, flow diagrams, etc.). In the case of the latter, changes to design may come about as a result of product design & development testing or in production.

Design Change AS9100 Responsibilities:

The Engineering Manager is responsible for ensuring that all product design changes are logged, communicated, and implemented. The Engineering Manager is also responsible for evaluating change requests and determining the appropriate action (response). Change requests should be submitted to the Engineering Manager, who should fill out an AS1080-1 REQUEST FOR ENGINEERING ACTION form with as much detail as necessary to adequately describe the proposed changes and the reasons for them.

Document Control (or an individual designated by Management) is responsible for assuring that all obsolete documents are removed from the work environment and that current revisions of all necessary documents are available where and when they are needed. When documentation is updated, Document Control should purge or remove all originals and working copies of obsolete documentation from circulation, in accordance with AS1000 DOCUMENT CONTROL.

Design Change Procedure AS9100Design Change Procedure AS9100 Activities

  • Request for Design Change
  • Engineering Change Notice

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