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What’s Included in the HR Policies and Procedures Template Manual?

You will receive 904 pages of content within eight sections:

  1. Human Resources Policy Manual Template

First, a 68 page Policy Manual is used to document the Human Resources principles and policies governing your company’s HR practices. It is used by managers as a top level guide to all Human Resources policies and references all Human Resources procedures.

  1. Human Resources Manual Table of Contents

Next, 362 pages that include 35 prewritten Human Resources procedures, 53 Human Resources forms and corresponding activities–organized within five sections. All are downloadable as Microsoft® Word documents, these Human Resources policies and procedures template files can be customized to work for your company.

  1. Human Resources Job Descriptions

The Human Resources Manual also includes 246 pages with 87 Human Resources Job Descriptions covering the primary functions within the Human Resources Department and the company.

  1. Employee Handbook Manual

Free Bonus #1 – Your Human Resources Manual also includes two 76 page Employee Handbooks in both English and Spanish versions.

  1. How to Write Job Descriptions Guide

Free Bonus #2 – Your Human Resources Manual also includes this 26 page Job Descriptions guide explaining how to format, use action verbs, and comply with ADA requirements.

  1. Introduction to Human Resources Training Guide

A 35 page training guide explains the basic concepts of Human Resources, its structure, standards and definitions, and more. Use as a training guide for Human Resources personnel and company management.

  1. “How To” Manual Preparation Guide

A 41 page Procedure writing guide provides guidance to develop and implement your company’s Human Resources Policies and Procedures manual.

  1. Human Resources Manual Keyword Index

Easily find what you are looking for inside the Human Resources Manual using the 28 page Keyword Index.

How to create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template

“The biggest time and money saver ever!  I wish all products were this well laid out and easy to use.  Our employees like having everything spelled out in detail so they know exactly where they stand in all aspects of their employment.  Now if everything else in the business world were this easy we would have it made!  *****FIVE STARS*****”

George Keyser
President and CEO

Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual Template

Now you can write your company’s Human Resources Department Operations Manual quickly and easily using Bizmanualz time tested Microsoft Word HR Policies and Procedures Manual Word TemplatesTemplates. How fast is fast? How about in the time that it takes you to download it from our website?

Writing your HR Policies Procedures Manual using easily editable MS-Word Templates is a fast, simple process. (That’s right, customizing the content is really that easy, they are MS Office Word documents). And, best of all, you don’t have to start from scratch.

An HR Policies Manual Template

Deploy human resources management best practices in your HR department or organization to increase consistency and decrease your HR risk. Choose any prewritten and fully editable HR policy manual template from Bizmanualz to simplify your task and save you countless hours of planning, research, and writing time.

The Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual set includes answers to your basic HR questions:

  • What workplace rules or guidelines should be established?
  • How long should various employee records be retained?
  • What interview questions can you ask new job applicants?
  • How do you perform background checks on new job applicants?
  • What is your company policy on paid and unpaid leave?
  • What is your company policy on disciplinary action and termination?
  • How do you train and develop employees?
  • What do you have to do to comply with OSHA, ADA, or HIPAA?
  • Does your social media policy comply with the law?

Fast Easy HR Policy Template in MS-Word

Save time researching HR best practices and writing HR policy and procedures. Get back to what you like doing best–Managing the HR department. You will save hundreds of hours of research, writing, and editing with this easy to use and well-organized HR Policy manual template. A collaboration of experienced technical writers and HR experts, this comprehensive tool for employer employee management includes easily editable and customizable employee policy.

The Human Resources Policy and Procedures Manual comes with 35 prewritten HR procedures, 53 HR Reports & forms, a Job Descriptions Writing Guide including 87 prewritten Job Descriptions, a sample HR Managers Manual, and a free Employee Handbook. You will get over 900 pages of content written by technical writers and reviewed by HR experts in the field. Download Only.

“I was initially rather skeptical about the benefits I would receive from purchasing the manual. Being a private business based in the UK I was concerned; would the information contained therein be relevant to the UK? And would I recoup the cost of the manuals through their usage? 

In answer to the points:  Although the legislation is U.S. based, and therefore cannot be used for HR purposes, it is nevertheless very helpful.  I have saved myself a minimum of a week’s worth of work through using the manual.  It will pay for itself 10-fold.  Thank you very much.”

Bella York, Business Manager
Freedom Technology

Human Resources Policies and Procedures Templates Save Time

The HR Policy Manual includes coverage of some of your most important HR department topics. You will receive Word files that provide Sample Human Resources Procedures categorized into five critical areas of Human Resources Management: Hiring, Training & development, Compliance, Payroll & benefits, and administration,

In addition, the Human Resources Manual also includes the required employer postings for EEO, OSHA, FMLA, etc. It also provides links to important government websites where you can easily find important and relevant information critical for effective employee policy management.

Federal and state laws and the growing number of cases of employee related litigation against management strongly suggests that a written statement of company policy is a business necessity for employers of any size. The Bizmanualz Human Resources Policies and Procedures will assist you in customizing both an individual personnel policy manual and Employee Handbook tailored to fit your company concerns and operations.

Human Resources Policies Procedures Templates

Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual includes:

Many Exciting Features!

  • FREE Required Federal Posters in PDF. Why pay extra for EEO, FMLA, FLSA, EPPA, and OSHA posters that ALL businesses must display.
  • Packed with HR Internet links and contact points saving you valuable time finding information on company personnel issues.
  • A NEW HR Managers Manual that explains what the Americans with Disabilities (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) or Drug-Free Workplace Act means to your organization and what you need to do to be in compliance.

Also Includes an Employee Handbook for Your Employees

Simply the fastest easiest way to create your own, customized, Employee Handbook. The Bizmanualz Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual is designed for small to medium sized business to bring together a summary of your policies, general guidelines, rules, standards, practices, benefits, employee obligations assumed by employment, policy violation procedures, and much more.

Successful Organizations Provide HR Tools 

Your success depends in large part on your employees attitude, cooperation, courtesy and public demeanor. Use the Employee Handbook to help your company develop this important positive direction.

Reduce Your Company’s Exposure to Employee Liability

Well-written Personnel HR statements reduce your company’s exposure to various legal liabilities. They help in documenting, the fair and equal treatment required by federal laws while preserving a consistent level of health benefits and safety precautions to ensure a productive work force.

Order Your HR Policy Template Today

Comes complete with over 900 pages of content in easily editable Microsoft Word format.

You will receive all content in Microsoft Word format for easy editing and customization.

Act now before it’s too late to gain the benefits of Human Resources Procedures for your company. If you’re not completely satisfied then return it within 30 days for a full refund. How can you lose?

P.S. Please don’t miss out! Order today risk-free and judge for yourself the benefits of The Bizmanualz Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual. That’s right, if you’re not completely satisfied that HR procedures you produce will transform your HR functions, you can take advantage of our 100% money-back guarantee.

View a Free Sample Human Resources Procedure

View HR policies and procedures sample templates. When you are ready to purchase, you can buy now using our secure server and your manual will be available for immediate download. Take advantage of our money-back guarantee and buy the Human Resources Policies and Procedures manual risk free!

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12 reviews for HR Policies and Procedures Template | ABR41M

4 out of 5
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  1. 5 out of 5


    Previously I had searched far and wide for management consultants to produce a manual for us – I was terribly disappointed by the fee and the time it would cost us. I really am happy for the time and money I was able to save to come up with a quality product on one of the most important resources in the business i.e., human resource management.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Very helpful. Might be nice to offer international modules or versions with less emphasis on subjects such as SOX, SEC, US Tax provisions, etc.

  3. 4 out of 5


    A must for every organization whether new or established. It is an engine for the HR Dept and a real source of information extremly needed for the smooth running of my organization. I recommend it without a shadow o doubt.

  4. 4 out of 5


    Manual is good . Delivery is very slow.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I found the HR procedure manual to be complete, user friendly and an immense help to my health care center. My job requires that I operate as both the CEO and HR director. I can now do both of my jobs more effectively with my material from Bizmanualz.

  6. 4 out of 5


    How costly is the manual

    • :

      The HR Manual is not costly at all if you consider how long it would take you to research and write your own set of policies and procedures. Word Templates save time.

  7. :

    I’d like to first comment on your excellent customer service. The individuals on the phone were extremely professional and very helpful guiding me through the purchase process. My situation was unique (ordered via a P.O.), and the assistance offered was invaluable.
    As for the product, I am very pleased to have both the book and the electronic version. I won’t use the book that often, but the visual that they provide to others in the organization creates a learning experience and an understanding that words alone cannot convey. As much as some might think a book is an outdated delivery format, the fact that the content is already organized and printed is a tremendous time saver. (Not sure if you want to consider that in your marketing!)

  8. :

    In this day and age when there is a need to maintain strong and positive Human Resource management practice and to maintain positive work policies and workers for the twenty first century.
    With the diverse talent and skills of our younger generation who are always full of energy,enthuasim and zeal and always want to explore and do things how they think it should be done but must be guided..This will surely serve as an excellent tool for any and every organization that need to go forward

  9. :

    The resource is so informative and helpful in providing the desired outcome. I am still savoring it.

  10. :

    More than enough HR documents that are helping us develop our procedures. Our overall impression is very good. Thanks

  11. :

    Purchased IT and HR Manuals. Both Manuals were very thorough. I finished editing HR. Still working on IT. Editing takes me long time due to the books being basically prepared for USA. In Egypt we have different laws and sometimes we do not have some laws mentioned in the manuals.
    However, It helped me to have a vision of what should be mentioned. And helped to see how important to keep in mind all the details mentioned..
    Definitely both books were an asset.

  12. 1 out of 5


    It was very great & helpful