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Browse to learn how to gain internal control with your accounting policies and procedures. Discover how a quality management system can improve your company. Or see why updated documentation is crucial to performance and continuous process improvement. Here, you will find important topics that affect you and your business. We add a new articles frequently, so check back for the latest news and information. We gladly welcome your suggestions and feedback!

What Is Management Leadership? - Now is the time for management leadership to step up and chart the course for the year ahead. Learn how leaders motivate others.
What Purchasing Procedures Does Your Company Need? - Purchasing Procedures provide vendor selection and purchasing controls. Which ones should your company be sure to utilize?
How to Get Buy-In for Procedures - Gaining buy-in may be difficult, but without it change rarely takes root.
What Does It Cost to Write Policies and Procedures? - Writing Policies and Procedures take time and time costs money. So how much does it cost? Find out here.
How Simple Visual Stories Convey Your Message Effectively - Regardless of the technical training of the listener, we all understand and enjoy stories. So, how can a simple visual story can simplify a message?
What Is a Social Media Policy? - Does your social media policy outline your companyƒ's guidelines for social media activity? Learn more about developing your policy.
What Is the Cost of Poor Quality? - Understanding your COQ or COPQ provides quality with the ability to explain quality to management using managementƒ's language of cost.
What Performance Metrics Do You Use? - Leaders use Metrics to Lead and follow up on their vision. Learn how to use leading and lagging indicators for success.
What Are Cash Cycle Procedures? - Control over cash receipts and disbursement are a vital element of the companyƒ's internal accounting controls. What Cash Cycle Procedures should you use?
How to Improve Communication with Your Boss - You need to understand your boss and what they expect from you when you communicate. You donƒ't have to be nervous if you keep these ten simple ideas in mind.
What is an Employee Code of Conduct? - A code of conduct applies to all employees and can help ensure compliance with standards and regulations applicable to all business activities. How's yours?
Using a Balanced Scorecard - When sales fall or production quality drops can your business survive if it does not have a solid structure with sound best practices?
Cost Accounting Information - What are the different types of accounting costs that your company can accrue, and how can you build cost accounting policies to minimize their effects?
Why Is Management by Procedures Most Effective? - Management by Procedures is how McDonalds or other successful franchises manage their business.
What Is the Revenue Cycle? - Proper identification of all sales are an important element of a companyƒ's income statement. Which Accounting Revenue Cycle Procedures should you utilize?
What Are Common Embezzlement Schemes? - What embezzlement techniques are considered the most common embezzlement schemes used by embezzlers?
What Is an Accounting Department Organization Chart? - The companyƒ's Accounting Department Organization Chart provides the foundation for coordinating and administrating your accounting management system.
What’s a Lean ISO Quality System? - It may be a lot easier than you think to create a lean ISO quality system, and it will save you an untold amount of work (and grief) later on.
What Does ISO Mean? - ISO is not an acronym.
How to Guide to Writing Policies and Procedures Templates - All policies and procedures manuals from Bizmanualz follow the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle. The new procedure writing guide emphasizes this concept.
What Is a Company Office Manual? - Do you have a company office manual? Most small businesses do not, yet most large (fortune 500) companies do. Download free samples now.
What is Disaster Management Planning? - The answer to disaster management planning is to have a disaster plan in place before a disaster. Easily editable word templates make this process easier.
Does Your Policies and Procedures Documentation Work? - Complying with labor laws and employment-related issues is a dynamic and multifaceted management task.
Are You Looking for Sample Company Policies and Procedures? - Project management follows a common Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle found within the five project phases. Do you know what these phases are?
Difference Between Processes and Procedures What’s the Difference Between Processes and Procedures? - The difference between processes and procedures can be summed up as breadth and depth. Do you really understand this difference?