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Browse to learn how to gain internal control with your accounting policies and procedures. Discover how a quality management system can improve your company. Or see why updated documentation is crucial to performance and continuous process improvement. Here, you will find important topics that affect you and your business. We add a new articles frequently, so check back for the latest news and information. We gladly welcome your suggestions and feedback!

What Do Your Business Metrics Say About Your Business? - A typical scoreboard will be revised six or seven times before it is contains the right metrics. What do your business metrics say about your business?
SaaS DMS Do Company Policies Exist If They’re Not Documented? - Your GRC program can be significantly enhanced with the addition of Policy and Procedure Management software.
How to Write Effective Procedures - Writing Effective Procedures is as much a part of planning as it is about how management plans to use procedures.
Policies Procedures SOP What Is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)? - Learn how to use Standard Operating Procedures to achaive your goals.
Three core process flows What Are the 3 Core Process Flows Within Your Organization? - How does manufacturing flow differ from design flow, and how can you use these core processes to implement continuous process improvement?
Policy Deployment Framework How to Review Business Policies - Why do you review? To ensure accuracy and completeness, and to make sure everyone has the same understanding of the policy or process. In short -- to ensure effective communication.
Management System Effectiveness Is Your Management System Delivering Improvement? - Reaching the Corrective Action and Preventive Action phases of process maturity really deliver value in applying your Quality Management System.
How to Develop Intranet Policies and Procedures for Multiple Departments - What alternatives are there to Intranet software solutions to develop policies and procedures for multiple departments?
What Are The Top Quality Manager Responsibilities? - As the Quality Manager you are responsible for Quality Management System (QMS) compliance.
Document Compliance Management What Document Control System Is Most Effective? - You can eliminate many of the headaches of a manual document control system by using document management software (DMS) for your ISO 9001 document and record control.
The Key to Developing Policies Procedures - We have worked steadily on improving our procedures, using the process model (or Deming Cycle) as the basis for improvement.
How to Create an Effective Policy Procedure Manual - An Effective Policy Procedure Manual is clearly written and easily understood by all the employees in your organization. DO you know how to create these?
How to Organize A Policies and Procedures Manual - Careful organization of your policies and procedures manual will be vital to its readability and usefulness. Do you know how to correctly organize this?
What Are Internal Controls for Cash Security? - Cash control in business is about prevention; preventing the temptation and opportunity for employees to commit fraud or abuse.
What Is Management Leadership? - Now is the time for management leadership to step up and chart the course for the year ahead. Learn how leaders motivate others.
What Purchasing Procedures Does Your Company Need? - Purchasing Procedures provide vendor selection and purchasing controls. Which ones should your company be sure to utilize?
How to Get Buy-In for Procedures - Gaining buy-in may be difficult, but without it change rarely takes root.
What Does It Cost to Write Policies and Procedures? - Writing Policies and Procedures take time and time costs money. So how much does it cost? Find out here.
How Simple Visual Stories Convey Your Message Effectively - Regardless of the technical training of the listener, we all understand and enjoy stories. So, how can a simple visual story can simplify a message?
What Is a Social Media Policy? - Does your social media policy outline your companyƒ's guidelines for social media activity? Learn more about developing your policy.
What Is the Cost of Poor Quality? - Understanding your COQ or COPQ provides quality with the ability to explain quality to management using managementƒ's language of cost.
What Performance Metrics Do You Use? - Leaders use Metrics to Lead and follow up on their vision. Learn how to use leading and lagging indicators for success.
What Are Cash Cycle Procedures? - Control over cash receipts and disbursement are a vital element of the companyƒ's internal accounting controls. What Cash Cycle Procedures should you use?
How to Improve Communication with Your Boss - You need to understand your boss and what they expect from you when you communicate. You donƒ't have to be nervous if you keep these ten simple ideas in mind.
What is an Employee Code of Conduct? - A code of conduct applies to all employees and can help ensure compliance with standards and regulations applicable to all business activities. How's yours?