New Climate Change Language Added to ISO 9001:2015
March 11, 2024 - Implement ISO Quality

What actions should organizations take to address the additions to ISO 9001:2015 requirement about climate change. Specifically, text has been added to clause 4.1 : “The organization shall determine whether climate change is a relevant issue.” and to clause 4.2 a note has been added: “NOTE: Relevant interested parties can have requirements related to climate […]

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COO Operations and Quality Management
December 17, 2023 - Implement ISO Quality

Do you struggle with managing operations and maintaining quality in your business? If so, you are not alone. Many companies face challenges in these areas, which can have a significant impact on their success. In this article, we will explore the role of a COO in operations and quality management and how it can benefit […]

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What Are Key Performance Metrics KPIs for Quality?
December 14, 2023 - Implement ISO Quality

As businesses strive for success, it is crucial to measure and track their performance. One of the ways to do so is through key performance metrics for quality. These metrics provide valuable insights into the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s processes, allowing them to improve and stay ahead of the competition. Are you curious […]

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What Are Core Quality Processes?
December 10, 2023 - Implement ISO Quality, Improve Quality

As a business owner, you may often find yourself overwhelmed with various processes and systems that need to be in place to ensure the success and growth of your company. This is where “Core Quality Processes” come into play – a vital component in streamlining your business operations and enhancing the overall performance. But what […]

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What’s the Difference Between ISO vs. FDA?

ISO is an international organization that sets standards to make sure products and services are safe, reliable, and consistent. It offers certification to show a company’s commitment to quality assurance, giving it a competitive edge. What’s the difference between ISO vs. FDA?

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What Is a Key Characteristic?

Discover what a key characteristic is and how it can help you make better decisions in this blog post. Learn how to identify and use key characteristics to your advantage.

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Who Maintains ISO 9001 Standards?
July 13, 2023 - Implement ISO Quality

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is devoted to maintaining ISO 9001 standards. It provides a framework for quality management systems used globally. ISO makes sure businesses can regularly provide products and services of top-notch quality. Who maintains ISO 9001 standards?

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How Many ISO Rules are There?
July 11, 2023 - Implement ISO Quality

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) has a lot of rules – over 23,000, to be exact! These rules cover tech, safety and other areas. Each rule is important for success in its specific field. Think ISO 9001 quality management system or ISO 50001 on energy management. These standards help businesses stay on track and increase efficiency. […]

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What are the Requirements of ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is a globally recognized standard for quality management systems. Discover the essential requirements of ISO 9001 and how they can benefit your organization in the article answering the question: What are the Requirements of ISO 9001?

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