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easily editable in wordQualifying Leads Procedure

The Qualifying Leads Procedure outlines methods for classifying sales leads and identifying leads ready for attention of the professional sales staff. The lead assessment policy helps determine which leads generated by advertising, marketing, and sales are prospective customers that should receive a sales call.

The Qualifying Leads Procedure applies to all sales leads generated by marketing, advertising, and sales efforts. (12 pages, 1466 words)

Qualifying Leads Responsibilities:

Marketing should regularly provide the Sales Administrators with all leads generated by inquiry forms. Marketing should adjust marketing techniques according to leads and sales statistics provided by Sales Management.

Sales Administrators should gather information in order to qualify leads according to the prospect of potential sales, then attempt to set a sales call appointment for qualified leads. Sales Administrators should also maintain a Leads Database, for information about all incoming leads, and a Prospects Database, for information on qualified leads. Sales Administrators should complete the SL1020-3 LEAD QUESTIONNAIRE and maintain the SL1020-2 PROSPECT DATABASE

Sales Management should set the qualifying procedure, define the qualifying parameters, and supply the Sales Administrators with the proper training, forms, and tools necessary to qualify leads. Sales Management shall also monitor and adjust the qualifying procedures and its associated forms and records in order to maximize efficiency and meet lead, prospect, and sales targets.

Professional Sales Staff should provide information to the Sales Management on a daily or weekly basis on the sales status of qualified leads.

Qualifying Leads Procedure

Qualifying Leads Procedure Activities

  • Qualifying Leads Plan
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Monitoring the Qualifying Process
  • Improving the Qualifying Process

Qualifying Leads Procedure Forms


Lead-Generation Marketing

Good companies understand the need to test their value proposition and the strength of developing a lead-generation marketing strategy.

Good sales pros know that they get paid to close deals, good deals. Deals that will move your strategy forward. Sales pros want to close strategic business. Anything less, and they know they are underperforming. That’s where lead-generation marketing comes in.

They will draw a line between their first day on the job and their first commission check. And that’s what you should want for them too, because that implies revenue for you. Sales pros, paid at least in part on commission, want to go where there is a product already defined, where selling stories and pricing have been worked out. They want to go where the leads are. If you don’t have those things, if you don’t have leads, you should be wary of any sales person who says he can close deals for you.

Look at it another way: A sales executive will cost you hundreds of dollars a day. Every day that resource spends rummaging around his attic for leads is a day your sales executive is not closing a deal for you. Can you afford to wait?

Can you build a process that funnels leads—solid, on-strategy, ready-to-buy leads—into your company so that your sales executive can close deals now? You can. It’s called lead-generation marketing.


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