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easily editable in ms wordAS9100 Supplier Evaluation Procedure

The Supplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100 defines the aerospace criteria and methods for selecting and evaluating aircraft parts suppliers for addition to or disqualification from the company’s approved supplier list. The procedure applies to all suppliers of products, materials, and services that directly affect the quality of the company’s approved supplier list. (16 pages, 3227 words)

The Procurement Manager should evaluate suppliers based on performance capability and resources (i.e., financial status, sufficient facilities, capability of equipment, and capability/training of employees), ability to fulfill company requirements, and ability to deliver accurately, completely, and in a timely manner.

Supplier Evaluation AS9100 Responsibilities:

The Procurement Manager is responsible for initial supplier identification and for collection of business information related to the potential supplier. The Procurement Manager is also responsible for maintaining supplier performance data for ongoing evaluation.

The Accounting Manager is responsible for evaluation of potential suppliers’ financial information.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for evaluating suppliers’ quality systems as appropriate and for reporting supplier quality performance.

Supplier Evaluation AS9100 Definitions:

Provisional approval – Partial approval, usually granted by a customer to a supplier’s QMS, pending correction of specified deficiencies.

Qualification approval – Approval given a part, component, or material that has been assessed against a standard and approved.

Supplier – Company or organization that directly provides the company with the parts, components, services, etc., required to produce goods and/or services for its customers.

upplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100Supplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100 Activities

  • Supplier Files
  • Supplier Classification and Requirements
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Supplier Disqualification
  • Supplier Reevaluation

Supplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100 References

  • AIR5359, Rev. B (July, 2003)-Requirements for Certification/Registration of Aerospace Quality Management Systems
  • U.S. Code of Federal Regulation(CFR), Title 14-Aeronautics and Space

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