What is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

What is a Lead Generation Landing Page?

There are various types of landing pages though they can be divided into two major groups. Landing pages of the first type are aimed to take a consumer directly to a purchase. Another type stands for the lead generation landing pages where the user contact information is requested. What is a lead generation landing page?

What is a Landing Page?performance marketing

The term ‘landing page’ has emerged long ago and is now used widely in digital marketing. It means that a user lands directly on the page after following the link from the e-mail or advertising. Thus, a user does not have to search for this web page for ages on the website. Sometimes, a landing page might be represented as a separate page with no connection to the homepage, especially in cases when a particular group of people is targeted and when others are not supposed to reach that page.

Lead Generation Landing Pages

In this article, we will particularly talk about lead generation landing pages. The main purpose of such pages is to create as many so-called leads or prospects as possible by collecting personal information from users. That approach allows for creating contact points and putting those into the internal customer management system. The data collected usually includes email, name, company, and phone number.

It is necessary to put some effort into designing and crafting your landing pages. Thus, explore useful tips for creating a landing page and optimizing it according to SEO principles. Also, keep in mind that every landing page should adhere to certain standards, which define this type of web pages.

Getting More Leads with Landing PagesSales Lead Prospecting

Before designing a landing page, it is necessary to understand which concepts would increase the conversion rates and generate more leads. Find the tips below to get a better vision of the landing page to benefit your business goals.

Landing Webpage Design

Before starting to draft an outline of the lead generation landing page, keep in mind that it should be as concise as possible, while working to get your website noticed. Do not overload it with extra and unnecessary elements, as those will just distract users. Furthermore, use the brand colors, units, and font settings that align with the design of your homepage and entire website.

Landing Page Headlines

The catchy and concise headline is crucially important to engage your customer and provide the exact purpose of landing on this particular page. Locate the headline in the center of the landing page so it will be clearly visible to people.

Landing Page Content

There is no need to throw a lot of text onto the landing page copy as it could distract users. Just create a short and clear description of the feature, service, or product you are paying attention to on this page.

Marketing Consistencylanding page leads

The alignment of your advertisement or email with the context of the landing page is crucial. When you are consistent with the idea you are promoting, you will enhance the customer experience and gain more trust from your target audience. Otherwise, promising something in an advertisement or email which is not stated or mentioned on the landing page might undermine your reputation.

Business Partners Affiliation

This tip is particularly useful for businesses that operate on the market for a long as well as for startups. No matter how many partnerships your company has established with other brands, their logos or names should be mentioned on the landing page. This will definitely increase consumer trust in your business.

Call To Action (CTA)


Call to Action

This element is a must on any landing page regardless of its type of purpose. When a user lands on a specific page, some further actions are definitely expected. On lead generation landing pages, the call-to-action button for signing up or submitting the form is typical.


This element is optional for landing pages but it is a technology reshaping e-commerce and widely used on home pages these days. Implementing a chatbot on landing pages will definitely help to improve lead generation dramatically as users might get acquainted better with the product or service right away.

Lead Generation Landing Page Examples

Before exploring the samples of landing pages provided below, it is necessary to consider that each landing page is created for a certain purpose. Thus, there are no good or bad landing pages. That is why the analysis will be based on the above-mentioned tips to determine what is done in an exceptionally perfect way and what points for improvement may occur.


There are a lot of positive aspects on the landing page of Magento that could be taken as an example when creating yours:

  • simple form with a single field does not require much from visitors, so it is likely to generate plenty of leads;
  • brand logos of partner companies are present at the bottom of the page, which increases user trust.

At the same time, there are some points of improvement for this landing page:

  • the headline is not clear enough as it does not emphasize the benefits for users;
  • the call-to-action button in the upper right corner of the page is not noticeable.


Uber’s page is almost ideal as the headline clearly states the purposes of this landing page. Meanwhile, the form does not require many details from potential prospects, so the number of generated leads is expected to be high. On the other hand, it is unclear why the link for car rentals is present as this landing page is particularly dedicated to drivers but not consumers.


We should admit that the design and layout of the page are literally perfect. This landing page is very appealing and pleasant to look at. Another positive aspect is that the headline clearly states the purpose and benefits the future hosts could take advantage of by collaborating with Airbnb. The only point for improvement is to embed the form on the same landing page so that future hosts can at least provide their contact details right away.


There are lots of advantages that would contribute to lead generation:

  • concise headline;
  • a clear statement in the body paragraph, explaining which type of suppliers Lidl is looking for along with the benefits Lidl can offer to its supplies;
  • statistics, numbers, and facts on the left panel of the landing page help to increase trust in future suppliers.

Meanwhile, some things could be adjusted on this landing page:

  • the submission form is too long and requires to fill many fields;
  • the text on the page looks a bit clunky.

Hexagon Apartments

The Hexagon Apartments landing page is not overloaded with information but has only a call-to-action button on the left. At the same time, there are extra elements at the bottom that might be interest users. However, they do not emphasize booking an appointment for viewing an apartment. Still, some improvement could be implemented on this page – several sentences explaining how Hexagon apartments are outstanding should be provided for future prospects.

Examples of Lead Generation Landing Pages

Digital marketers have invented dozens of ways to attract consumers and generate more sales. Using landing pages in promotional and advertising campaigns is one of those. This approach is rather common in digital marketing these days as it has proven to be effective. 

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