How Do I Write Great Landing Page Copy?

How Do I Write Great Landing Page Copy?

Are you wondering why your landing pages are getting visitors, but you aren’t getting conversions?  Most companies are optimizing their landing pages by doing things such as switching color schemes playing with page length, using new features, and playing with the graphics, but there digital marketing strategies fail to do one thing.  The marketers fail to have a closer look at the content, whatever is written on the page.  How do I write a great landing page copy? you ask…

Copywriting For Landing Pages: 5 Tips To Know AboutWriting Audience

The truth is, it is excellent copywriting that leads to conversions. The words are the powerful tools that allow you a conversation with your web visitors. So to hold their interest, you must be a great talker and convince them to not only stay but take action. Make it your purpose as a marketer to have copywriting on the landing pages that actually rakes in the conversions.  How do you do this? 

Here are some helpful copywriting tips to know when creating effective landing pages that increase conversions. 

Avoid Wordiness In Your Text 

It is tempting to want to create a lot of content and make your page seem to have substance, and in most instances, most copywriters will use filler words that don’t add any value. Remember, your prospects are busy, and if you can say something in a few short sentences, then don’t write paragraphs.  Being concise in your wording can lead to clearer messaging that will make the reader understand and explore your brand more. 

Most landing pages are not successful because they are bloated with useless words in the form of too many adverbs,  too much passive voice use,  redundant word pairs, a lot of determiners and modifiers, and a serious lack of editing the content.  

Giving more detail than necessary to explain something that is so obvious is often the cause of such mistakes. Avoid such bloating of your landing pages and use only necessary words to communicate to your audience. 

Create A Lengthy But Comprehensive Page Blog Marketing

While you will try everything to avoid a bloated copy, this does not mean that your pages remain short. Your page should be clear, readable, and answer all the customer’s questions clearly.  Most successful landing pages are usually lengthy and highlight everything a customer needs to know. Long copy sells!

Most long landing pages are usually more comprehensive, leading to more linking opportunities and higher rankings in major search engines. This is all a part of good content marketing best practices.

Make sure as you make your pages long, you also answer all the pressing questions of your customers. Remember, it is information they seek, so give it to them until they are satisfied. Even though lengthy pages tend to do better than shorter pages, companies are different, and the audiences are different.  This is why you must test both versions and see which one works for you as a business.  Be very careful to avoid bloating of content and keep your copy clear and concise. 

Include Customer Testimonials  In Your Pages Customer Voice

For your landing pages to be successful, you have to provide proof that customers trust you. Your digital marketing needs to include the voice of the customer, customer feedback, and customer testimonials in your landing page copy. You have to make your landing page a welcoming place for guests. 

Welcome the visitors and make them trust you. Show them that you are in the right business and know exactly what you are doing, which is why your customers are happy and prosperous because of your services or products. Show your visitors what your past customers feel about your products and services.   

For example, if you are an online dating service, highlight the success stories of previous customers who have genuinely found love on the site and are living their dream love life. 

Stand Out In Your Selling Proposition new improved

Remember that customers will buy your products, not just because they love your brand and would love to offer their support.  Customers are not your family members or friends who want to show their solidarity. Buyers will only buy from you only after they are convinced that your products will enhance life somehow. 

Use simple visual stories to convey your message effectively. Make your landing pages point out your new customer’s benefits when choosing to buy from you and not the competition. You can do this by making your value proposition unique and explaining how your business is different from the rest in the market.  Explain clear how your business solves the customer’s problem. 

Check out the competition and see how they have written their value proposition, and from what they have written, get inspired to write the most compelling value propositions ever.  Capture the interest of your visitor by offering them a solution before they even continue reading further. 

Use Words Familiar To Your Customers

As you create a copy for your landing page, use words that your customers will recognize and not the jargon common with marketers.  Your customers are ordinary people and not marketers like you, so don’t forget who your customers are. Keep in mind the hopes and dreams of your customers, what their questions will be, why they are exploring your product, the kind of job they do, and many other aspects about them. Verb Power Active Voice

In your landing page copy, talk directly to your customers and use only words they will recognize.  Write like you are speaking one-on-one with every customer and not a massive group of prospects.  Such direct writing will enable you to be more specific and targeted and, in the end, achieve conversions. 

To get a proper sense of words that your customer will be familiar with, look at the words that customers use on review sites,  blog comments, and social media. Just remember that you are writing for the customer only and no one else.  After all, it is the customer you are targeting; therefore, what better way to capture their attention than by using their own words to speak to them.  Speak in the voice of the customer. 

Write Great Landing Page Copy

Good marketing increases sales and it is the copywriting that always wins. There is nothing better than compelling and persuasive writing to make a customer act. When a customer understands what you are offering and how right it is for them,  then that is a sign that you are clear and concise in your copywriting. A good copy will always turn qualified leads into customers. In most cases, the customers become repeat customers and recommend your business. Those are the things that a happy customer does. 

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