How Can Email Marketing Increase Sales?

How Can Email Marketing Increase Sales?

Email marketing is proclaimed as the king of digital marketing that can help business. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that the medium helps generate much more sales than the leading social media networks. How can email marketing increase sales?

How to Boost Sales Using Email MarketingManage Email

Small businesses using online marketing like an email marketing campaign can be a little overwhelming – especially if you are a novice in the marketing field. This is because a successful marketing strategy requires more than just sending out a few emails in a month. It may have the highest ROI, but you will need to take steps to ensure that it is rewarding. In this guide, let’s take a look at a few email marketing best practices to help you bring up your revenue and business growth. 

Research Your Email Audience

Before you begin your digital marketing strategy, you need to build a list of subscribers who will be interested in the product/services you are offering. The best way to do this is to create a buyer’s persona based on your target audience and then create a marketing strategy for that group of individuals. Generally, there are various ways to gather data about your ideal customer.

However, you will first want to start by considering their pain points, needs, and ways you can solve their problems. Next, think about their personalities – their age, gender, employment status, geographical location, etc. Use the curated information to build the brand voice and style in your email marketing campaign. 

Offer a Compelling Lead Magnet in Your Emailgood writing

Now that you have created a buyer’s persona, it is time to start gathering email addresses of potential customers. Remember, the more people you have in your email list, the more chances of potential sales you will have through the email marketing campaign. 

One of the best ways to acquire email addresses of individuals is to offer a lead magnet on your lead generation landing page. Generally, a lead magnet is a free item or service that is presented in exchange for the contact details. This can be anything from ebooks and comprehensive guides to discount offers and free samples. 

Consumers often look for lead magnets that help them solve a particular problem. For example, ebooks are the most popular lead magnets with 27.7% of the marketers using them today. A majority of on-site visitors find them helpful and will happily exchange their email addresses for your expert advice. 

Write a Catchy Email Subject Line

Did you know that 35% of the emails are opened based on the subject line alone? Moreover, 69% of recipients mark the email as spam if they don’t find the subject line satisfactory. This means that your subject line should be catchy enough to pique the interest of the reader. Otherwise, they will simply not read it, delete it automatically, or worse – regard it as spam. 

When writing subject lines, the general rule is to be as short and as descriptive as possible. It should convey clearly what the email contains and lure the readers into clicking on it. Another tip is to personalize your subject line with the reader’s first name, geographical location, and even birthdays. You can also attract the reader by referring to a special discount or deal.

Craft Engaging Email Copyengage

Once you are successful in getting the recipients to open your email, it is time to hook them with an engaging copy. There is no strict formula when writing content for an email newsletter, but it is similar to writing landing great page copy. You can be as formal and as casual as your target audience prefers. However, when writing the content, pretend that you are having a face-to-face conversation with the reader, so keep your writing conversational. 

It is also a good idea to keep the piece short and to-the-point. Long emails can slaughter the reader’s interest so come to the main point quickly without beating around the bush. While there is no standard word limit for an email, experts recommend sticking to 20 lines or 200 words to keep it appealing for the readers. 

Make Email Visually Appealing

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A well-designed email newsletter equals to the right balance of text and images. This means that when a recipient opens your letter, they should find an attractive layout that immediately grabs their attention. And using images in the email is the finest way to do so.

When designing your email newsletter, leave some spaces for pictures that enhance your writing. Use images that are relevant to the text. For example, product photography works great for content that is explaining how a product or service works. You can also use images of your employees to highlight the personality of your team.

However, you might have a business that does not have a lot of photo-worthy opportunities. In that case, you can consider using free stock photos from reputable sites and help fill in the visual gap in your email newsletter. You can always edit these images to make sure they align with your message. Before using a stock image from any site, it’s important that you check out the licensing information provided on the website.

Add a Colorful Email CTA

A call-to-action (CTA) at the end of your email prompts the readers to take specific action. But regardless of the action you want people to take with your email, make sure that your CTA button is prominent and purpose-driven. 

In fact, we suggest that you put in a little thought to the CTA button. Where do you want to add it? What colors to use? And figuring out the most precise wording are just some of the considerations you should make when crafting your CTA. 

In the end, just remember that a CTA is a powerful weapon. An effective one can increase clicks by 371% and sales by a whopping 1617%

Boost Sales Using Email Marketing

Learning how to increase sales with email doesn’t take much time and it is one of the ways to close more sales. But it does take a lot of focus. And the right blend of tips and best practices. Use the above strategies and create a comprehensive email marketing plan to build your revenue. Good luck!

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