How to Create Sustainable Brand Packaging for Your Business

How to Create Sustainable Brand Packaging for Your Business

If you have an online Ecommerce business most of the choices you will make for the packaging are tradeoffs and sustainable alternatives are not any different. The good news is that there is normally a good place to make a beginning. How to create a sustainable brand packaging for your business

Stand Out in Online Stores with Sustainable Brand Packaging for Your BusinessEcommerce Experience

The sustainability strategies described in this article are pretty straightforward. They can be more complex and can end up providing a more sustainable impact though. It is all about making a beginning wherever you can and make a good choice for your customers and your brand image.

Use Less Packaging

Less is more. By using a smaller number of components in the packaging suite you will be using less packaging resources, less space while the package is in transit, and placing less load on the client for its disposal. While designing the unboxing experience try and use less quantity of packaging that can be safely used for shipping your products safely. you can get inspired by the numerous possibilities offered by RXD for custom brand packaging and child-resistant cannabis packaging. It will add shelf appeal to the packaging.

Share Recycling and Disposal Best Practices

When you are sharing disposal best practices you need to identify the material as a top priority. It is a scalable alternative to telling the clients about recycling the material. Recycling rules keep on changing drastically for places. However, the material information always stays the same. If the customers are aware of the material, they can find the best ways of recycling the material themselves locally. Just mention the material in your packaging with a symbol indicating that they are sustainable.

Avoid Using Mixed MaterialWaste in Lean

If you are combining plastic with paper or using two different kinds of plastic fused, keep in mind that mixed materials are not recyclable anymore as these layers cannot be separated during the sorting process in recycling. Keep on packaging pieces that are prepared completely from paper or some kind of plastic.

However, a small quantity of mixed material that is layered on paper such as paper pieces reinforced with fiberglass or boxes sealed using plastic tapes does not rule out the possibility of getting recycled.

Plan in Advance to Avoiding Air Freight Charges

Air freight shipments end up emitting about 47 times more than compared to ocean freight. For avoiding air freight, you need to check the lead times of your products and plan in advance for sending the final design a few days ahead of the order date of the standard delivery. It will provide you more time for proof approval and make provisions for last-minute changes.

Use Smaller Packages for Shippingshipping

If you can shrink the package size, it will also shrink the shipping costs, resources, material costs, and reduce emissions on its route to the shipping warehouse and the clientele. Normally there are two strategies involved in selecting the packing size. The first is to use a wide range of sizes to use for a different assortment of products.

The second approach is using a single-size-fits-all approach that utilizes just a few packaging sizes. Decide on a strategy depending on the product line and order pattern. Consider the current size of packages and find out how much air or unused space you are shipping. Find out if you can lose inches from the containers or switch from one strategy to another to optimize the packaging.

Consider Using Alternative Materials

There is a wide range of new and renewable materials available such as bioplastic and it can decrease our reliance on fossil fuel. Some of these alternative materials are likely to have exciting and unique properties such as compostability and biodegradability. Many times, these materials are expensive as they are produced in limited quantities. However, if more companies adopt them there are more chances of costs going down. 

Sustainable Brand Packaging for Your Business

There are several touchpoints in the supply chain you can revise in terms of sustainable packaging. Different products are continuously bagged, bundled, or baled before they reach the customer many times using extra packing. These different layers are added for keeping the products safe, clean, and organized. However, you also get many opportunities to achieve a similar effect by using less packaging. You can consult your manufacturing associates for achieving more visibility about these touchpoints.

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