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Cement Mason Job Description Template Word


Are you looking for a comprehensive and customizable job description template for a cement mason position? Look no further than our Cement Mason Job Description Template Word product.

Our template includes all the essential duties and responsibilities of a cement mason, such as:

  • Preparing surfaces for concrete pouring
  • Mixing, pouring, and leveling concrete
  • Finishing concrete surfaces
  • Repairing and maintaining concrete structures
  • Operating and maintaining tools and equipment

In addition to these core responsibilities, our template also includes sections for required qualifications and skills, such as:

  • Experience in concrete pouring and finishing
  • Knowledge of concrete mixing ratios and curing times
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints and schematics
  • Physical stamina and strength for heavy lifting and prolonged standing
  • Attention to detail and quality control

Our Cement Mason Job Description Template Word product is fully customizable to fit the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Simply download the template, edit as needed, and use it to attract qualified candidates for your cement mason position.

Don’t waste time and resources creating a job description from scratch. Trust our expertly crafted template to streamline your hiring process and find the best candidate for the job.


The Cement Mason places and breaks down forms and pours and finishes concrete structures and surfaces in construction projects.


  • Reads and understands blueprints.
  • Applies knowledge of building code regulations to projects.
  • Uses applied mathematics to estimate costs and quantities of materials to be ordered for a project.
  • Applies knowledge of concrete mixtures to judge how long they will take to set up, and determines how factors like heat, cold and wind will affect the curing of the cement. Applies knowledge of strengths of different kinds of concrete and is able to produce different surface appearances.
  • Sets up the forms to hold the wet concrete until it hardens. Pours the concrete, spreads and tamps the concrete into place, and levels the surface.
  • Finishes the concrete by performing smoothing, edging, creating grooves and textures, rubbing down high spots, filling low spots and removing defective spots.
  • Able to clearly explain steps, provide directions and answer questions about the construction processes to employees and subcontractors.


Reports directly to the Masonry Supervisor.


A high school diploma or GED is required. Must have completed apprenticeship by hire date. This position requires good physical condition and the ability to work well in teams.


Ability to communicate orally with project management and coworkers is important. Regular use of a variety of masonry tools is essential. Standing or kneeling for extended periods is common. Hearing and vision within normal ranges is important for conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect building plans, blueprints and drawings.

Heavy lifting is expected. Exertion of up to 60 lbs. of force occasionally may be required. Good manual dexterity for the use of common construction equipment, masonry tools, and scaffolding is required.

Good math and reasoning ability is essential. Able to apply statistical calculations, geometry, trigonometry, algebra, linear equations, and other analytics as required. Able to understand and utilize architectural or engineering drawings and equipment operating manuals to conduct business.


The job may be performed both indoors and outdoors in a variety of settings including possible hazardous conditions on and around scaffolding or a construction site. Exposure to loud noises, dust, dirt, and smoke may occur. Protective safety clothing is required including appropriate construction grade boots, gloves, hardhat, goggles, pants, and shirt are required.

Activities include extended periods of standing or kneeling and extensive work with masonry tools, measuring devices, and machinery.


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