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Information Technology Manager Job Description Template Word


The Information Technology Manager Job Description Template Word is a comprehensive and customizable document that outlines the responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements for the role of an IT Manager. This template is designed to help organizations create a job description that accurately reflects the needs of their business and attracts the right candidates.

The template includes sections on job summary, essential duties and responsibilities, qualifications, education and experience, skills and abilities, physical demands, and work environment. Each section is carefully crafted to provide a clear and concise description of the role and what is expected of the candidate.

The job summary section provides an overview of the position, including the purpose, scope, and key responsibilities. The essential duties and responsibilities section outlines the day-to-day tasks and functions of the IT Manager, such as managing the IT department, overseeing network and system administration, and ensuring data security and privacy.

The qualifications section details the education and experience required for the role, such as a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and several years of experience in IT management. The skills and abilities section highlights the key competencies needed to succeed in the role, such as strong leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The Information Technology Manager Job Description Template Word is a valuable tool for any organization looking to hire an IT Manager. By using this template, businesses can create a job description that accurately reflects the needs of their organization and attracts the right candidates for the role.


The IT Manager plans, coordinates, and directs the organization’s computer systems (information systems) and related activities; helps determine the organization’s information technology goals/objectives; helps develop, implements, and manages the organization’s information technology plan; and identifies and recommends the appropriate technologies needed to meet the goals of IT.


  • Analyze/assess the organization’s IT requirements (short- and long-term) and recommend acquisitions and/or upgrades to top management.
  • Plan and direct the installation (and upgrading, where needed) of hardware and software tools and technologies.
  • With IT Security, help ensure the safety and security of the organization’s IT network and electronic documents.
  • Perform cost/benefit analyses of IT projects, prepare and present analyses (i.e., justify spending) to the organization’s top management.
  • Continue to learn about new technologies and look for ways to implement them within the organization.
  • Organize, coordinate, and direct IT-management-level personnel (e.g., database manager/administrator, IT security manager, network manager).
  • Determine short- and long-term personnel and training needs for IT.
  • Plan and direct the work of IT professionals, including computer systems analysts, software developers, information security analysts, and computer support specialists.
  • Negotiate with technology vendors, contractors to obtain the highest possible level of services for the organization.


Reports directly to the organization’s Board of Directors. Works in conjunction with Accounting, Finance, Operations, Sales/Marketing, and other core departments.


The IT Manager Job Description is mentioned in the following procedures:

Procedure ID and Name

Policies & Procedures Manual

ITAD101 Information Technology Management IT Policies and Procedures Templates
ITAD102 IT Records Management Computer & Network (IT)
ITAD103 IT Document Management Computer & Network (IT)
ITAD108 Email Policy Computer & Network (IT)
ITAD109 IT Outsourcing Computer & Network (IT)
ITAM101 IT Asset Standards Computer & Network (IT)
ITAM102 IT Asset Management Computer & Network (IT)
ITAM103 IT Vendor Selection Computer & Network (IT)
ITAM105 IT Asset Installation Satisfaction Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD101 IT Threat and Risk Assessment Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD102 IT Security Plan Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD103 IT Media Storage Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD106 IT Access Control Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD107 IT Security Audits Computer & Network (IT)
ITSD108 IT Incident Handling Computer & Network (IT)
ITSW101 IT Project Definition Computer & Network (IT)
ITTS101 IT System Administration Computer & Network (IT)
ITTS102 IT Support Center Computer & Network (IT)
ITTS103 IT Server/Network Support Computer & Network (IT)
ITTS104 IT Troubleshooting Computer & Network (IT)
ITTS105 IT User/Staff Training Plan Computer & Network (IT)


A bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science is required; a Master’s degree in business administration is preferred. 10 years of related work experience, with 3 or more in a management position, is also required.

Must have demonstrated the ability to lead a diverse team of programmers, designers, analysts, technicians, etc. Excellent communication skills and the ability to work well with people at every level and in every department are essential. Project management experience is a must-have.

Expertise in preparing RFPs (RFQs) and negotiating with top management, vendors, etc., is essential. Also need someone with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) knowledge and experience. Should be able to run meetings effectively and efficiently.

Candidates with certifications in project management (PMP), management (CM), information management (CITM), or a comparable designation will be given preference. Experience with Microsoft Project preferred.


Ability to communicate orally with customers, vendors, management, and coworkers is crucial. Regular use of phone and email for communication is essential. Hearing and vision correctable to within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, receiving ordinary information, and preparing or inspecting documents.

The ability to remain in a stationary position roughly 50% of the time, as well as the ability to move about the office occasionally (accessing files/storage, office equipment, computers and other office productivity devices, attending meetings, etc.), is required.

Using a computer while sitting for extended periods is common. Must also be able to position self to maintain equipment, including under tables and desks.

No heavy lifting is expected, though occasional exertion of 20 lbs. or less of force (e.g., picking up and carrying laptops / tablets) may be required. Good manual dexterity required to use common office equipment (e.g., computers, mobile devices, calculators, copiers, scanners).


The job is performed indoors in a traditional office setting. Extended periods of sitting while using a computer or other devices are common.


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