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Streamline Your IT Project Definition Process with Our Procedure Template


Are you tired of the endless back-and-forth that comes with defining an IT project? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to get everyone on the same page? Look no further than our IT Project Definition Procedure Template Word product.

This template is designed to guide you through the process of defining an IT project from start to finish. It includes step-by-step instructions for identifying project goals, stakeholders, and requirements, as well as templates for creating a project charter and scope statement.

With our IT Project Definition Procedure Template, you can:

  • Save time by following a proven process
  • Ensure everyone is on the same page from the beginning
  • Reduce the risk of misunderstandings and miscommunications
  • Create a clear roadmap for your project

Our template is fully customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. Whether you’re working on a small project or a large-scale initiative, our IT Project Definition Procedure Template can help you streamline your process and achieve your goals.

Don’t waste any more time struggling to define your IT projects. Invest in our IT Project Definition Procedure Template Word product today and start seeing results.

IT Project Definition Procedure

The IT Project Definition Procedure defines the scope and purpose of an IT project and determines its projected impact on—and potential risks to—your company.

The IT Project Definition Procedure applies to all software products and updates developed by your company. (28 pages, 7214 words)

IT Project Definition Responsibilities:

Information Technology Managers are responsible for conducting feasibility studies on proposed Information Technology projects, reviewing proposed projects with Top Management, and responding to User Management proposals.

The Information Technology Project Manager is responsible for creating, reviewing, and modifying project descriptions and creating project plans.

Top Management is responsible for reviewing project proposals with Information Technology Managers.

User Management is responsible for communicating its needs and requirements clearly when proposing an Information Technology project.

IT Project Definition Definitions:

Project definition – Stage in project planning that follows a project proposal; preliminary investigation of project’s feasibility, suitability, etc.

Project plan – Stage in project planning that follows project definition; describing the details of a project definition based on a proposal that has been accepted.

Project proposal – User Management’s formal, written proposal of a project for Information Technology. Typically followed by a request to Information Technology for a proposal, commonly known as an RFP.

Request For Proposal (RFP) – A formal user request to Information Technology for project estimates (time, other resources needed to deliver the project) and a description of project results.

Return on investment (ROI) – The annual financial benefit after an investment minus the cost of the investment; or, the total value gained after a solution has been deployed.

IT Project Definition Procedure Activities

  • IT Project Needs Identification
  • IT Project Definition
  • IT Project Definition Review
  • IT Project Plan

IT Project Definition Procedure References

  • ISO/EIC 12207:1995- Information Technology-Software Life-Cycle Processes
  • IEE/EIA 12207.0-Standard Industry Implementation of International Standard ISO/IEC 12207:1995
  • IEEE Software Engineering Standard #1058-1998, Standard For Software Project Management

IT Project Definition Procedure Forms



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