How Do You Choose Marketing Automation Tools?

How Do You Choose Marketing Automation Tools?

In any business, we all can agree that marketing automation tools can help your business and even be crucial for the business’s success. This is mainly because they add to the marketing effort, which speeds up the business’s performance. Nowadays, consumer buying behaviors and the online marketing landscape are changing. As a result, it becomes challenging for one to keep up with automation tools and trends. How do you choose marketing automation tools?

Marketing Automation Tools To Help Streamline Your BusinessBlog Marketing

It can be frustrating that many marketing tasks are repetitive and time-consuming. However, marketing automation tools have played a crucial role in handling these mundane tasks. This gives you ample time to concentrate on more critical aspects of your business. What’s more, is that the business process automation tools help you attain your goals by sending your customers timely content and improving their overall experience. 


The biggest and worst challenge businesses face when using marketing automation tools is that some don’t work well together. In such circumstances, you will find them making things more complicated rather than simplifying them. If you have been facing such a challenge, worry not. Using Zapier will make your work more accessible, and you will not have to face the challenges you have been facing before. Zapier integrates your effective digital marketing strategies from  two or more different platforms so that they can work together. This is done through programs called zaps. This makes it possible for you to automate processes that you would have done manually.

HubSpotbusiness eCommerce

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform packed with various tools which help you get customers from leads. HubSpot helps in creating emails for online marketing. In addition to that, it also helps you track the blogs and social media posts that are generating more leads on your website. Another added advantage of using HubSpot is that it will allow you to create forms and landing pages.

These forms help you capture the details of people who download your content offers. This platform also does a beautiful job of tracking the actions of all the leads that visit your site. This activity assures your marketing team that the leads they send to your sales team are qualified, genuine, and ready to make purchases. The best thing about HubSpot is that it offers free versions of its CRM. Therefore, this is an excellent platform for people who are about to launch their startup.


Pardot is a platform that was developed by the same team that created Salesforce. The team designed this digital marketing to help businesses achieve the primary goal of aligning their sales efforts. Pardot has a lead management system that allows you to create an automated lead workflow, which helps you screen your leads. This ensures that the leads are qualified before they are handed over to your sales team. This way, your sales team will know which leads they should work on first. As a result, your sales circle will be shortened and it will be easier to convert your leads into customers.

AdRollperformance marketing

The hard truth about businesses is that not all people who visit your website will fill the opt-in forms and buy your products. However, investing in digital marketing and attracting your customers with ads is one of the most effective ways to get them back to your site. When they come back, it is a sure bet that they will also download your content offer and go as far as making a purchase. In short, AdRoll is a retargeting tool.

The ads created by this platform are published on different social media platforms that your customers visit. The platform also has essential features such as; cross-device retargeting, segmentation, dynamic ads, and optimization and conversion analytics. AdRoll provides users a free trial for two weeks. In terms of charges, the platform does not have fixed charges. Depending on your ad budget and the number of people who engage in your ads after publishing them, they will charge you.

Nudge Coach

Nudge Coach is a platform that enables you to track business progress and manage clients in one place. You can create your white label coaching app through this program, which will power your online programs. With this platform, you can create your app for free. Charges will depend on the number of clients you will be handling in your business as your app continues to grow.Product Management Budget

Marketing Automation Tools for Your Business

Automation is important in business to increase productivity and and help drive the bottom line. It is clear that managing your business will be pretty easy with automation tools. Choose marketing automation tool to make your marketing work much more manageable.

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