How Do You Make Your Business More Sustainable?

How Do You Make Your Business More Sustainable?

Creating a business green policy and introducing new, eco-conscious policies and procedures will benefit your company in many ways. Not only will your brand help the planet’s well-being, but it will also build a better reputation that can further bring more revenue and put your business under the spotlight. How do you make your business more sustainable?

Tips for Making Your Business More SustainableWhy Should You Make Eco-Conscious Policies and Procedures?

You can make a big difference if you only start implementing some environmental conscious policies we’ve listed below. Trust us, you’ll profit from sustainable business practices more than you think.

No-Paper Policy

We live in a digital era where barely anyone use paper and pen to take notes. From students in the universities to many high-school students, the majority of schoolwork is done on their computers and online. That’s become especially widespread ever since COVID-19 hit and students worldwide were forced to attend online classes and lectures.

So, why not switch to a no-paper work in your company too? Forget about contributing to deforestation by using paper. Instead, switch to online spreadsheets, electronic signatures and assignments that don’t involve anyone using physical pen and paper. Encourage your employees to use their digital diaries or planner apps for digital planners. Do your best to have everyone operate online, instead of on paper.

Office Recycling PolicyRemote team work

Are you recycling waste at home? Have you ever considered recycling in the office too? Bring your good habits from home into the company and become a more sustainable business in one simple step. Introduce recycling bins into the office and have everyone start recycling office waste.

With the installation of dual garbage chutes, you’ll have a convenient garbage separator that will transport all of your waste and separate it accordingly. Recycle all the paper and cardboard that you generate throughout the week. Do the same with the tech that you won’t use anymore too. Look for reliable recycling sources, so you’ll know that your old tech products are disposed of in the right way.

Remote Work Policy

Another good practice that will help your business become more sustainable is remote work. As the COVID-19 pandemic taught us, it’s more than possible for many businesses to operate their work remotely. So, if your company doesn’t depend on employees coming into the office every day, allow work from home.

It will save precious gas and energy employees use daily to drive to work, wash their clothes, press them, and pick up food. You can also arrange monthly meetings or team-building events, where you’ll briefly discuss any pressing issues and run all the other tasks online. Even then, encourage employees to walk to the office, cycle, use electronic bikes or scooters instead of cars.

 Hazardous Waste Management

The Hazardous Waste Management Procedure provides general methods to determine if your company generates hazardous wastes and outlines proper hazardous waste management procedures.

Sustainable Materials Policy

If your business sells products, create sustainable brand packaging will make it more eco-friendly. Consider using biodegradable packing peanuts if you ship massive fragile products across the country or worldwide. Corn-starch packaging is another sustainable option that you can introduce to your business.

Are you manufacturing clothes? Why not switch to organic fabrics? Recycled paper and cardboard are other eco-conscious options for your business practice. Aside from using the right packaging option, it’s also vital that you use it in moderation.

Take all the factors into consideration, before you decide to use an excessive amount of packing peanuts for something small and sturdy. Reduce the amount of packaging to implement eco-conscious measures in the best possible way and use sustainable materials.

Minimize Travel Policy

Many businesses send their employees halfway across the world to seal the deal with potential clients or solve any pressing issues in person. In times when the CO2 footprint is going through the roof, businesses should try to do their best to contribute to low CO2 emissions. Don’t fly, but practice green transport or use virtual meetings.

Prevent CO2 emissions from business travel by having your employees travel by train, for instance. Stop the need for international travel altogether, by hosting video conferences regularly. Not only will that reduce the carbon footprint, but it will also offer better work-life balance to your employees. On top of that, it’ll save your company the unnecessary travel cost.

Finally, if travelling by plane is a necessity, fly with airlines that offset a flight’s CO2 emissions, free of charge. Do you have your employees travel around the city or neighboring towns a lot? Switch your gas-powered vehicles with electric ones.

Make Your Business More Sustainable

environmental office

Making your business more sustainable doesn’t have to be frightening. Step by step, you’ll quickly become a better place for everyone to work and a less environmentally-jeopardizing business. When you decide to start introducing eco-friendly measures, remember that it will take time to become fruitful.

On top of that, don’t rush change and allow everyone to adjust to the new environmental practices. Old habits may die hard, but the new, healthier ones will build quicker and soon become the best part of your business. All it takes is effort, determination and cooperation to make your business thrive on many more levels than it used to.

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