Is Remote Work Becoming More Common?

Is Remote Work Becoming More Common?

Many specialists only need high-speed Internet and a good gadget. We are talking about representatives of professions that have appeared in the 21st century: testers, programmers, mobile application developers, photographers, copywriters, call center operators, administrators of social networks, lawyers, accountants, and many others. Thanks to such professions, such a concept as running a business with remote employees has appeared. Is remote work becoming more common?

Working as a Freelancer or Remote Employee is Becoming More CommonRemote team work

Remote work is when you don’t have to travel to the office every day to do your job. Remote work today is becoming more usual, and there are many reasons for this.

For example, instead of commuting to the office daily from a designated workplace, remote work empower employees to complete their projects whenever possible. Leaving people with more flexibility to easily plan their days.

There are many tools that improve remote team productivity That’s why they succeed in their careers and have more time for personal lives. That is the peculiarity of remote work – people can choose a job they like. Also, their location does not affect their choice. 

Why is it Necessary to Gain Remote Work Skills?Team Tools for Productivity

Employees learn many skills by working hard. Remote work is no exception. If you dream of working remotely but aren’t sure if you are the right fit for it, check out the list of skills you can learn:

  1. Communication. If you are far from such concepts as Zoom, Skype, you will learn how to connect to a video conference call or video conference quickly thanks to remote work.
  2. Self-motivation skills. If you are unable to motivate yourself and sit down to work in the office, then remote work, on the contrary, will give you strength and confidence.
  3. Self-help skills. If you want to develop your career without a boss who will control your every step, remote work is ideal.

How Companies Benefit When Employees Work Remotely?

The companies that offer virtual offices allowing work from home have the following advantages:

  1. Saving costs. Remote employees are great for a company’s bottom line. Once a team is formed, companies can reduce overhead costs such as rent and office furniture. Flexjobs said employers could save $ 22,000 per telecommuter per year, thanks to the lack of an office.
  2. Territorially unlimited rent. Companies now have the opportunity to hire the best talent around the world.
  3. Companies don’t need to spend money on business trips. The cost of a US business trip is about $900 per person. Businesses using online tools, software to communicate and work significantly save travel costs.

What Percentage of Employees Work Virtually?Meet Virtually

61 percent of employees work from home, 39 percent must visit the office standardly. Social media managers, programmers, graphic designers and remote project managers are the most popular professions, where employers require less frequent office visits. However, one profession is gaining more and more momentum – copywriting. Today, the research paper helper is an indispensable assistant for students.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Work

The experts considered all the advantages and disadvantages of remote work. However, until now, most people were not aware of the essential work from home benefits or the disadvantages. If you want to master remote-jobs, check out all points.

Remote Work AdvantagesRemote Work

Consider the benefits of remote work first:

  1. Free schedule. Telecommuters are less susceptible to stressors. They plan their schedule on their own and are free and happier when compared to office workers. Remote workers can perform the assigned tasks at any time.
  2. No need to waste time getting to the office. On average, specialists spend 40-50 minutes on the way to the office. Telecommuting prevents such colossal temporary losses because the employee needs to wake up, make a cup of coffee and turn on the computer.
  3. High-profit margin. An employer who saves office rent, office furniture, and cleaning can offer high wages to teleworkers.
  4. No strict restrictions. The modern generation of people does not like it, especially when it comes to dressing code, correct makeup, or hair. In the case of teleworking, there is no strict framework.
  5. The freedom of action. You have to imitate hectic activities in the office because the manager’s keen eye is watching you. Having completed the assigned tasks, the remote employee can go for a walk, take a nap, or play with the children because no one will know for sure.

Remote Work Disadvantages

Achieving consistency in remote and in-house processes can sometimes be a problem. Other remote work disadvantages include:

  1. Lack of personal communication. The specialist practically does not communicate with colleagues and receives tasks by mail.
  2. Lack of total control. The remote employee independently plans and adheres to the schedule, but the constant stay at home can cause laziness and missed deadlines.
  3. Expenses. An employer can provide a laptop or a smartphone, but you will have to pay for the Internet and electricity consumption by yourself.
  4. Measurements. Measuring the effectiveness of remote working can be challenging for the employer.

Remote Work is Becoming More CommonFreelancer Advantages

Remote work is a good option for both employer and employee, allowing them to reap mutual benefits, but remote work has its disadvantages and advantages. However, if you are still in doubt, the formula is simple: build a comfortable workspace if the pros outweigh. Think in advance about sharp corners, smooth them out and work for your pleasure. If the disadvantages of such work seems unsuitable to you, then continue to work in the office.

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