How to Ensure People Use Current Documents in All Locations

How to Ensure People Use Current Documents in All Locations

One struggle with document management is ensuring that all processes have the most recent copy of a documentation. To address these concerns, a document management system such as OnPolicy can be used to ensure people use current documents in all locations.

How to Ensure People Use Current Documents in All LocationsBusiness Document Control

How many of your staff take the time to replace the outdated version with the current one? Most likely, there is a backlog of changes that will be used to update the manual “when we have some free time,” which never appears to arrive.

Using a shared disk or cloud drive with the current copy available, does not usually fix the problem. For convenience, many users will print a copy of the document or store a copy to their hard drive. They will be unaware when a newer version becomes operational.

Multiple Locations

Organizations that have multiple facilities in different geographic locations have an extra challenge to ensure that everyone is using the same operating procedures. As managers travel from one facility to another, variations will be noticed. Variations creep in when procedures, work instructions, control plans, etc. are on  paper. There is no guarantee that the latest version is being used.

Global Access

Document Management Software

When you use our online document management system, procedures, records, and rights to use or edit them are managed within the web-based system. Deployment — and control — become very easy.

In situations like these, an online document management system such as OnPolicy can help. OnPolicy is hosted on secure servers in the U.S. and can be accessed by authorized users 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Your users will only be able to access the current version of the document. (see: How Do You Easily Share Electronic Documents while Maintaining Control? for more information about OnPolicy’s document control protocol.)

Mobile App

There is also a OnPolicy mobile app that will allow your authorized users to access documents while away from the office or on the shop floor. Techs or salespeople can pull up the latest specs from a pad or cellphone while with a client.

On the shop floor a person no longer needs to rely on the less than pristine copy of a work instruction shoved in a drawer. (S)he can access the current version on her/his pad. Everyone everywhere can access their documents, and you can be sure that they are accessing the current versions.

Ensure People Use Current Documents in All Locations

See the benefits of OnPolicy for yourself. Click here to start your 30-day free trial. Contact us at [email protected]  to set up a 45-minute, no-obligation demonstration of the system. Let us show you how OnPolicy can improve your document management process.

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