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Instant Document Control Software

Organizations start with hundreds of business policies, procedures and forms documents. Soon thousands of files are scattered across disparate share drives and servers. It’s time for a document control system.

Access Procedure Documents from the Internet

Individual documents located on a local share drive are not easily accessible remotely, or secured with permissions. Its time for easy document control access to all of your policies and procedures or forms.

Control Document Revisions

Documents change, are revised, and updated. Are your documents controlled when reviewed, approved, and everyone has read the current version? Its time for easier workflow and compliance.

What People Are Saying About OnPolicy Policy Procedure Software

“We were searching for a document control system that included version control, a thorough approval process, was secure and could be used by our external auditor. OnPolicy provided all of these features.”

CFO, Shipping Company; USA

“We are a business consulting company and our clients have very specific requirements and procedures. We use OnPolicy to organize the client’s documents and restrict access to each client’s documents/ files to only those consultants working with that specific client. Allows for information sharing via the cloud and restricts access – both are absolute requirements in this business.”

Managing Partner, International Consulting Practice; USA

“I managed policies and procedures at a previous company. We used a spreadsheet and a shared hard drive. It was a nightmare managing changes, making sure everyone read the procedures, and preparing for external auditing. I’m now at a new company and I’ve similar responsibilities. And I’m not managing documents manually ever again!”

Compliance Officer, Pharmaceutical Company; USA

“We were looking for a system that managed the approval process and was easy to train employees to use. OnPolicy meets those main requirements and much more including employees to have access to company-wide documents and department specific procedures. It is a viable solution in a highly regulated industry.”

CFO, Financial Services Company; USA

Procedure Workflow Software


Minimizes IT involvement. All policies and procedures documents are available  online and accessible from any internet connection, anywhere in the world.


Excellent compliance record. Users confirm reading and acceptance of policies, procedures, or other documents you define.


Never lose a revision with OnPolicy document control. All of your policy and procedure revisions are automatically saved. Easily roll-back previous policy versions.


Store any document. Import your MS-office policy documents, scanned images, PDFs, and many other file types.


Oversee document release. Optionally designate users to review, approve, or release policies and notify those users of policy and procedure changes.


Publish policy procedures online. Secure each document. Create policy access controls, permissions, and groups.


Simplify audits. Up-to-the-minute policy stats on how many people are visiting your policies and procedures, who has reviewed, and approved each document.


Find any document. Add your own policy and procedure keywords and tags to improve policy searches, reference compliance standards, or support the local language your users use.


Document or file permissions are based on individual user access and department based access. Allow permission to whole departments or individual users easily.

Simplifies Your Policies and Procedures Management

  • OnPolicy simplifies your onpolicy software by providing an easy online interface to manage, control and share your important documents over the web.  Fast, simple internet access for all of your document management needs
  • OnPolicy is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, which means there is nothing for you to install or manage. You can focus on what is important to you – ensure that your policy and procedure documents are used as intended, up-to-date, and provide the compliance evidence that your auditor requires.

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