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easily editable in ms wordBill of Materials Procedure

The Bill of Materials Procedure describes the preparation, contents, and maintenance of a Bill of Materials. It applies to all products manufactured, modified or assembled by the company. (6 pages, 682 words)

Bill of Materials Definitions:

Bill of materials (BOM) – An Engineering list of all the materials, and quantity of each, required to manufacture a device.

Approved component – Material, substance, piece, part, or assembly intended to be used in the finished goods and tested and approved by the Engineering Manager, Production Manager, or the Director of Quality Assurance.

Approved suppliers – Are suppliers that have been approved by the Engineering Manager, Production Manager or the Director of Quality Assurance, or are suppliers who make or distribute brand name or commercial standard components on the approved component list.

Standard cost – The normal or regular price for an item purchased from a vendor in usual quantities and terms. The cost should also include freight-in charges apportioned by the usual number ordered.

Bill of Materials ProcedureBill of Materials Procedure Activities

  • Preparation of a Bill of Materials
  • Contents of a Bill of Materials
  • Change to Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials Procedure References

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