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The Procurement Procedure AS9100 defines methods to be used for procuring aircraft materials, supplies, and services at the company. The aerospace procedure applies to procurement of all inventory items, suppliers, engineering materials and components, subcontracted services, and capital equipment for all departments within the company. (12 pages, 1569 words)

Procurement AS9100 Responsibilities:

The Accounting Manager is responsible for paying invoices and maintaining records of payables.

All Employees requiring products or services from outside suppliers must request supplies, raw materials, parts, manufacturing aids, etc., from the Procurement Manager after obtaining required approvals.

The Procurement Manager is responsible for maintaining raw material, parts, and supplies inventories and related records, placing orders with approved suppliers, negotiating price with suppliers, and forwarding procurement-related paperwork to the Accounting Manager for payment.

The Receiving Manager and Warehouse personnel are responsible for receiving and storing incoming materials, parts, etc., and forwarding related paperwork (e.g., packing lists) to the Procurement Manager.

Procurement AS9100 Definitions:

Manufacturing aid – Something (a tool, technique, method, chemical, etc.) that helps facilitate the manufacturing process but is not included in the final product.

Material – Elements, constituents, or substances of which something is composed or can be made, including, but not limited to, raw and processed material, parts, components, assemblies, fuels, and other items which may be worked into a more finished form in performance of a contract.

Part – Component or assembly of components in a system; material item purchased or fabricated from raw material and not normally handled as part of an assembly.

Procure – Get possession of; obtain through particular care and effort.

Rotable – Can be repeatedly restored to a fully serviceable condition and reused over the normal life cycle of the parent equipment to which it is related (e.g., a reconditioned electric motor).  Such items have a repair lead time as well as a procurement lead time and normally have a serial number that is retained throughout the item’s life, regardless of the extent of replacement of its component parts.

Procurement Procedure AS9100Procurement Procedure AS9100 Activities

  • Order Determination and Requisition
  • Order Placement
  • Purchasing Recordkeeping and Matching

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