Accounting Policy Procedures For Internal Control Book

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Accounting Procedures Book for Internal Control

Accounting Policies and Procedures help you protect your business assets and provide internal controls for your accounting processes.

A Guidebook to Effective and Appropriate Internal Controls

Fraud and abuse accounts for annual losses of up to 6% in many businesses, and research shows that clear policies and procedures are an important prevention tool. Get the accounting process book and start implementing thoroughly researched best practices using the Accounting & Bookkeeping Procedures Book for Internal Control, which not only improves your accounting controls, it can also improve your accounting performance as well as your compliance requirements.

A Handy Reference Book for Accounting Controls

There is no need to start from scratch; it’s already been done for you. Use the Accounting & Bookkeeping Procedures Book as a handy reference, an authoritative sources, or your “go to” guide to some of the most common accounting internal control procedures used for documenting the revenue cycle, cash, credit, assets, inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general administration. All together there are 39 documented procedures, 56 example forms, 32 example Job Descriptions, a sample accounting policy manual, and a free Embezzlement Prevention Guide. The accounting process book in total, over 700 pages of content written by knowledgeable CPA’s and technical writers, and reviewed by subject matter experts in the field.

The Book on Accounting Procedures

Even though the Accounting & Bookkeeping Procedures Book does not come with editable Word files (yes it’s just a book), it does provide an easy reference to all of the accounting policies and procedures found in the electronic version. If you are looking for examples of accounting procedures you can get from a book, then what better place is there Bizmanualz.



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