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Procedures for Business Continuity Management

On January 7, 2010, Timothy Hendron, 51, a longtime employee of ABB’s north St. Louis, Missouri, plant, reportedly took the lives of three coworkers, wounded five others, and took his own life. This is just one of the latest incidents of worker-on-worker violence that have been on the increase in the last several decades.

In retrospect, of course, it is always clear that “the signs were there”. The individual was under a lot of stress…he was disaffected, alienated, a guy who kept to himself…bills were mounting…he had an unusual interest in weapons…and on, and on. Not everyone fits “the profile”, but most are close enough that we invariably ask “Why didn’t they (we) see it coming?”, or “Why didn’t somebody do something about it before it got to that point?”

Unfortunately, there is no “one size fits all” answer — the answers are as varied and as complex as humanity itself. Recognizing, though, that workplace violence is the ultimate antisocial act against social animals, there are things we can do to and for one another to minimize the risk, among them:

  • Showing respect for one another;
  • Getting to know coworkers;
  • Being better communicators (which means being much better listeners);
  • Taking an interest in coworkers outside the workplace;
  • At least occasionally, putting coworkers’ interests ahead of our own;
  • Watching out for one another;
  • Not thinking “someone else can take care of it” or “it’s not my job”;
  • Becoming more aware of and responsive to coworkers’ needs, stated and unstated;
  • Knowing coworkers well enough that you know what their “normal” is; and
  • Having the courage and compassion to help when their “normal” isn’t there.

Does your company have a workplace anti-violence policy? Better yet, do you have a personal policy regarding the prevention of violence in the workplace?

Disaster Recovery Procedures Book

There is no need to start from scratch- with a book on Disaster Recovery Procedures for Business Continuity Management, it’s already been done for you.

Guide to Disaster Preparation, Response and Recovery

Disasters can happen at any time to any business. Contingency plans for back up operations and a well-designed path to returning to normal operation shouldn’t be created after disaster strikes, How well you prepare and plan for such an occurrence may be the most important factor in the survival of your business. A book on procedures for disaster recovery is an important component of your disaster preparations. Get the book on Business Disaster Recovery Procedures!

What if swine flu was front-page news in every daily paper you see and the lead story on every newscast. It’s more than a little unsettling watching the numbers rise so quickly- all those pictures and videos of masked people. Swine flu could push back the hoped-for economic recovery even further if it gets as bad as some people are predicting.

Swine Flu photo by <a href=

It would be a terrific blow to your business if the swine flu outbreak turned into a pandemic and you lost 10 percent of your workforce -or more- to prolonged illness. A simple but effective continuity plan-though it wouldn’t keep the problem away from your door- could help you weather this storm in fair shape.

But do you have such a plan? Sad to say, you’re in the majority if you don’t, which leads to my next question. Why do most of us wait until illness or other tragedies are on us before we ask ourselves, “What will I do?” If you’re a small business owner, employing six trained, highly skilled workers, what if just one of them is out for a week or so with the flu?  Counting you, that’s 14 percent of your workforce!  If another one goes on the sick list at the same time, that’s 28% percent. Or what if it’s you, Ms. President?  What do you do?  Is NOW the time to put together a continuity plan?

Even after the swine flu passes, how many companies will say, “That was scary!  We’re putting a plan in place so we’re never caught unprepared?” How many of those companies will actually develop and implement a continuity plan?

Is your company ready?

An Excellent Disaster Recovery Procedures Reference Book

This popular Business Disaster Recovery policies and procedures reference book comes with example disaster recovery planning procedures, example forms, and a disaster recovery action plan, workplace violence guide, and more. You get a sturdy hard cover book, written by knowledgeable technical writers and reviewed by experienced security professional’s.  This is one Business Disaster Recovery book you will want to have in your business library.

The Book on Business Continuity Planning

Even though the Business Disaster Recovery Procedures Book does not come with editable Word files (yes it’s only a book), it does provide an easy reference to all of the Business Disaster Recovery policies and procedures found in the electronic version.  If you are looking for examples of Disaster Recovery procedures you can get from a book, then it is Bizmanualz.


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