Business Policies and Procedures Sampler Book

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Sample Business Procedures Book

Save your company thousands of hours to develop the business policies and procedures you need with this book. Now there is no need to start from scratch; it’s already been done for you!

Guide to Creating a System of Policies & Procedures

Do you need to develop business policies and procedures in multiple departments and throughout your business? Sample Business Procedures for Company Management provides example policies and procedures for key business processes and functions representing a wide variety of standard operating tasks.

Your System of Policies & Procedures Reference Book

The Company Management Procedures Book is thoroughly researched and reviewed by subject matter experts, Sample Business Procedures for Company Management can help you quickly establish the policies and procedures you need. Department and functional areas covered include:

  • Administration
  • Customer Services
  • Computer, Networks and IT
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Engineering
  • Environmental
  • Finance & Credit
  • HR & Personnel
  • Manufacturing
  • Purchasing
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Business Security & Operations
  • Shipping & Packaging

The Book on Business Procedures

Even though the Business Procedures Book does not come with editable Word files (yes it’s only a book), it does provide an easy reference to all of the company policies and procedures found in the electronic version. If you are looking for examples of business operating procedures you can get from a book, then it is Bizmanualz.


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