Why Do Hotels Need a Channel Manager?

Why Do Hotels Need a Channel Manager?
Today, travelers are embracing technology to make their booking experience hassle-free. And therefore, hotel businesses are also beginning to use information technology to achieve the right mix of direct and third-party bookings. Promoting your hotel rooms on multiple channels helps you reach a wider audience and improve sales. Why do hotels need channel managers?

Top 7 Reasons Why Hotels Need a Channel Manager Now!

It is a challenge to constantly update and adjust your listings on online travel agency websites, social media, your hotel’s website and other channels. This problem can be solved by setting up a hotel channel manager software. A channel manager updates room availability in real-time, makes it easier to make bulk changes to your inventory and helps increase sales.

Benefits of Using a Hotel Channel Manager Software

If you are unsure why hotels need channel managers, then here are some benefits of employing a channel management booking software for your hotel business.

Increase Your Hotel’s Online Presencebusiness eCommerce

A hotel channel manager can connect your hotel to as many OTA channels as you need. It helps you reach global travelers by improving your hotel’s online presence. Better representation online gives you access to a broader audience, which increases the opportunity of finding potential customers for your hotel.

Easily Add Hotel Booking Channels

A multi-channel booking strategy helps keep your hotel business prosperous every season. It connects your hotel to hundreds of online booking channels and travel agencies. Investing in a channel manager makes it easier for you to add and manage multiple booking sources for your hotel.

Automatic Hotel Room Inventory Updates

The biggest challenge in a multi-channel booking strategy is to update the inventory on all channels in real-time. Automation is important in business because, doing it manually may lead to errors and missed opportunities. A channel manager booking software automatically updates listings on all your channels whenever you close a booking. 

Direct Hotel Room Bookings Avoid Over or Under-Booking

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Errors in booking management may lead to over-booking, under-booking or double booking of rooms in your hotel. A channel manager solves this problem by auto-updating your inventory on all booking channels in real-time. It also helps ensure even distribution of inventory across channels to avoid under-booking and improve client communication using technology

Smart Hotel Room Pricing

Smart pricing is one of the most significant advantages of a channel manager and is one of the ways that technology is reshaping ecommerce. Hotel channel manager software makes it easier to offer packages and promotions on all booking channels. You can also program it to set discounts based on region, advanced purchase, multiple-night booking, and last-minute deals.

Seamless Integration with Other Software Platforms

Channel manager seamlessly integrates your hotel bookings with all leading channels and platforms online. A fully integrated system enables your inventory to be showcased on every travel website where your customers may be present.

Generate Hotel Analytics, Reports, & InsightsData Visualization Tools

In the long run, the hotel channel manager can generate reports and analysis to help your business. Use business analytics to improve the customer experience through creating booking lists/arrival lists for your hotel. You can view the return on investment (ROI) of investing in a booking channel, find out which promotions or offers get the best response, which booking channels bring in the maximum bookings, and understand your hotel’s operational efficiency. 

Investing in a Hotel Channel Manager Application

Investing in a hotel channel manager not only makes the process more efficient it also helps increase sales. It frees up your time to focus on other essential aspects of your hotel business. Hotels that function without a channel manager are most likely to struggle with the challenge of manual channel management and the problems that come with it. 

Hotels Need a Channel Manager

Hotel channel managers offer better opportunities for your hotel to find the right customers, give you a wider audience to target, and increase business productivity. Use business management software to grow your hotel business and get ahead of your competition. 

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