How Do You Attract and Retain Customers with Digital Marketing?

How Do You Attract and Retain Customers with Digital Marketing?

Businesses need to be active in the digital marketplace. They need to develop and adopt new ways to gain an edge over their competitors. How do you attract and retain customers with digital marketing?

How Digital Marketing Helps You Attract and Keep Customersperformance marketing

The year will be a better year for digital marketing. It is reported that digital ad spend is estimated to reach $435.83 billion. Digital marketing will beat conventional marketing as internet coverage increases. So, digital marketers have to gear up to meet the new demands for this year.

Digital marketing strategies provide companies with direct communication with customers. The digital market will play a major role in attracting $4.48 billion internet users. That is a huge market for generating new leads. It will also drive your conversion ratios. It is cheaper as compared to other channels of marketing. 

Targeted Content Marketing

One of the most useful things content marketing offers — targeted content. With digital marketing, you can show your customers what they want to see in your blog. Advertise products that they are actually interested in. You can target that customer with ads about similar products. Digital marketing lets businesses market products and services that a user needs. For example relevant content for students — paper writing service, for photographers – new cameras.

Email MarketingManage Email

Email marketing offers the highest income in return. This is the best rate of return compared to other marketing channels. You can have as much as $44 in return for every $ spent on email marketing. With email marketing, a business can maintain a list of potential leads. Customers that are interested in their products. Your website collects the preferences of the consumer to send marketing emails to that customer about similar products. 

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a segment of digital marketing. Let’s look at what makes it a highly effective marketing channel. According to SmartInsights, there are about 4.388 billion internet users in the world. Out of these, 3.484 billion are active social media users.

That is about 47% of the total population of the world right now. As per 2019 stats, internet users have on average 7 social media accounts. You know what products your customers are searching for in your online store. So you can show relevant ads to them. This way you can easily target customers with social media.

SEO Marketing

seo introduction

Learn more about search engine optimization as part of a lead-generation program

SEO marketing  is used for making your website visible in search engines. As an important part of digital marketing, SEO can help your business to stand out among millions of search results. SERP ranking is an important part of SEO. It helps your website to rank higher in search engines’ results.

Consider this, Google gets 63,000 searches every second. That leads to 5.6 billion searches every day. By using SEO, you can make sure that your website shows up on these searches. Google keyword finder helps you in this case. You just put your industry in the filter. It will tell you what keywords people are searching for and how many times. 

One effective way is to use keywords in your content that people are mostly searching for. SEO techniques to rank your website higher.  For example, if you are a carpet cleaning service based in let’s say London. Your go-to phrase would be something like carpet cleaners London or best carpet cleaning in London.

Digital Marketing Helps You Attract and Keep Customers

We are living in an increasingly digital world.  According to an estimate, the global spend of digital marketing will reach $146 by 2023. It also represents a new challenge to newly set up businesses to compete in this market. In short, your digital marketing strategy will define your success in 2020 and onwards. Digital marketing can help your business.


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