Writing a Policy Procedure Manual

What You Need To Know About Writing a Procedure Manual

Each one of Bizmanualz Policies and Procedures manuals contains this section, which provides guidance for Writing a Policy Procedure Manual. For your company’s Policies and Procedures Manual to be effective, it should be easily understood by all employees. Therefore, it has to be written clearly and concisely.

The Bizmanualz Video How to Create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template provides a great step-by-step explanation to creating a template that everyone can use to create their own procedures.

The objectives of each one of Bizmanualz Manuals are to enable and encourage continual improvement within your organization, improve communication within your company and increase customer satisfaction with your target market or channel partners.



  • Style and Format of a Procedures Manual
  • Considerations In Writing a Policy Procedure Manual
  • Manual Revisions
  • Sources of Additional Information


  • Communication – Addressing Your Audience
  • Sexism in Writing
  • Number Usage
  • Organizing Your Thoughts
  • Outlining Technique
  • Defining the Format and Organization of Your Policy Procedure Manual
  • Additional Sources

WRITING PROCEDURESWriting a Policy Procedure Manual

  • Format
  • Authorization
  • Production And Distribution
  • Revising and Updating Procedures

Free Sample Policy Procedure Word Template

Download a free policies and procedures from any manual with no obligation. You will get the manual’s table of contents and one complete policy and procedure Word file. Use the Word files to start Writing a Policy Procedure Manual of your own.

After you place your order with our secure server you can download your manual immediately. Your purchase is risk-free with our money-back guarantee.

How to Create an SOP Standard Operating Procedure Template

What Does it Cost to Write Policies and Procedures?

First, there is the labor cost to write and publish your procedures, which includes personnel costs, overhead, and the methods, skills and tools. Read More…

How Do Procedures Reduce Compliance Costs?

Writing procedures is an exercise in controlling your cost of compliance. You’re trying to comply with customer expectations, management objectives, government requirements. Read More…

What Are The Costs of Managing Policies and Procedures?

Your procedures drive your total cost of compliance. The more policies and procedures you write, the more it costs you to maintain each one. Read More…

How to Reduce SOX Compliance Costs

You can reduce the scope of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance costs by addressing the … You don’t have to write a policy or procedure for every accounting process at once. Read More…

9-Manual CEO Company Management Solution

SAVE 45% when you download the 9-manual bundle to implement SOP best practices in each department.

The CEO Company Manuals series consists of nine manuals that cover key company functions:

Accounting Policies and Procedures (ABR31M)

Protect against waste, fraud and abuse. Covers the revenue and purchasing cycles, assets, inventory, taxes, insurance and more. Includes a guide to embezzlement prevention.

Financial Policies and Procedures  (ABR42M)

Simplify compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other financial regulations. Includes a CFO Manual and a Business Management Guide.

IT Policies and Procedures Manual (ABR34M)
Comply with Sarbanes Oxley, COBIT or ISO 27000 security and control requirements. Includes samples of an IT Manual and an IT Security Guide.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures (ABR41M)

Improve compliance and productivity. Covers your employee policies, payroll, required compliance (i.e. OSHA, FLSA, EEO, FMLA, COBRA, etc.), job descriptions, and more. Plus a complete Employee Handbook for communicating standard workplace rules and guidelines.

Sales & Marketing Policies and Procedures (ABR44M)

Drive your customer satisfaction with improved sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Includes Sales and Marketing Executives’ Guide and a Guide to Internet Marketing.

ISO 9001 2015 Procedures (ABR211M)

Increase your customer satisfaction. Covers Introduction to ISO and Quality, Quality Manual, quality procedures, quality forms, and a lot more.

Security Planning Policies and Procedures (ABR32M)
Protect your people and property. Improve the physical safety and security of your facilities. Covers security planning, risk assessment, electronic security, guard force, and a lot more.

Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures (ABR33M)
Respond and recover quickly. Help ensure the continuity of your business. Covers disaster planning, natural disasters, emergency preparedness, and a lot more.

Business Sampler Policies and Procedures (A490M)
Department Sampler for all other areas of your company that directly impact your functions. Covers information technology, finance and credit, administration, and a lot more. Includes over 1,000 pages of supporting information.

Every critical area of your company is now covered.  A quick reference is easily at hand for Accounting, Administration, Customer Service, Disaster Management, Engineering, Environmental Management, Finance & Credit, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Personnel, Sales & Marketing, Security Operations, Shipping, Purchasing, Inventory, and ISO 9001 conformance processes.

9-Manual CEO Bundle

CEO Company Policies Procedures Manuals
Select the best MS-Word department policy and procedure manuals for your company.

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