How do you Grow Your Accounting Business?

How do you Grow Your Accounting Business?

The big question you must ask yourself as an accounting and bookkeeping business owner is why anyone will engage in your services when there are so many options out there? Well, they should opt for you because you offer excellent service and a great price. That’s perfect! But how do they even know that your services exist if your business isn’t using online marketing?  How do you grow your accounting business?

How to Get More Clients for Your Accounting and Bookkeeping BusinessAccounting Cost Information

If you want to boost your bookkeeping and accounting business, you have to reach out to people and stand out from the crowd. Your practices may be the best, but someone with a better outreach with people may get more clients. Don’t worry. There are numerous ways to reach out to people and attract new customers for your accounting and bookkeeping business. They’re not the traditional methods but they surely work. Let’s dive right in…

Use the Power of Social Media 

Social media is a potent tool for getting the word out about your accounting and bookkeeping business. Having an effective social media strategy can help you bring in more clients. There are different options that you can benefit from on these platforms. 

Facebook Adsstrategy social media

Facebook ads are highly effective since you can target your customers with social media, getting you in front of the very people and businesses that need your services. These ads are not very expensive and bring the desired outcome. Also, make sure that you post helpful information on your Facebook page once or twice a day to engage your audience.  

YouTube Videos

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine. If you make videos that educate your potential clients, such as a video about the best bookkeeping practices, it will help you connect with them. You need to promote these videos in the beginning, to make sure that they reach the audience. 

LinkedIn Posts

LinkedIn is a great place to meet professionals and businesses. Make a strong profile and connect with the people that may be interested in your services. Adding helpful posts about accounting in general and your business in specific can be very useful for getting more business.  

SEO for Your Website

You have a website, but you need to help people find it. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the way to move forward. SEO essentially improves your ranking in search results. If you move in the top ten results on search engines, you are bound to have more clients coming to you through your website. SEO TLD Strategy

The process will take some time, and you might need to hire an expert. Generally, you can get excellent results in a few months. You will surely continue to get new clients as long as the website remains optimized and maintains a good search engine ranking.  

Participate in Accounting Trade Shows 

A trade show helps bring together people of a specific industry. A little old-fashioned, yes, but they are mighty effective. 87% of exhibitors find them to be excellent for their business promotions. You can get a booth at an accounting and bookkeeping trade show. People with specific interests are present there, and you will surely meet lots of potential clients. Pitch your services well, and you should have some clients by the time the trade show ends.  

Benefit from Email MarketingManage Email

Email marketing is also another highly effective tool for reaching out to potential clients. You may be able to earn as much as $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. That’s quite a fantastic return on investment. 

Firstly, you should have the email addresses of the people you wish to target. You can get email lists from marketing companies for this purpose. You can even get your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter . Compose an engaging email that creates curiosity in the reader. You can expect some new clients with a robust email marketing campaign. 

How about Paid Online Advertisements  

There are lots of places where you can advertise online to get more traction with potential clients and gain new B2B customers online. Google Ads is a great option. You can have your ads displayed on websites, YouTube, and even on the top of Google Search.

There is a cost associated with the advertisement. You will be able to target your potential clients through these advertisements, which makes the expense worthwhile. A Pay Per Click campaign on Google, for example, can bring attention to your business since your website ad will show at the top of the search results. 

Make Referrals Enticing 

You already have some clients, but you want more as you want your business to grow. Why not benefit from the clients you already have? Referral-generated leads have a 70% higher conversion rate than other leads, and the closing time is also 69% faster. So referrals lead to more sales and less time to close the deal.

Apart from providing excellent service to the clients, you can also offer them incentives such as discounts. They will be happy to oblige and help promote your business almost without any additional cost. The savings in advertising will offset whatever deal you offer them. 

Grow Your Accounting BusinessBusiness Expansion

Accounting and bookkeeping services are essentials for many other businesses. All the clients want are good quality services. However, to get their business, you must be able to reach out to them and stay relevant to your customers online. Unlike the years gone by, you have a lot more options now.

The best way to increase your customer base is to benefit from the various internet tools, social media platforms, and existing clients. Do your homework about the market segment you want to target and use some of the above options to get excellent results.   

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