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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Internal Audit System Validation Procedure

The FSMS Internal Audit System Validation Procedure describes the internal audit process and corrective action as a vital component of the company’s FSMS. The procedure applies to all company operations affecting food safety. (42 pages, 8408 words)

The audit program will specify the areas to be audited and the schedule for each audit. Each area/process having an effect on food safety (e.g., receiving, manufacturing, packaging) shall be audited at least annually.

To be considered competent, internal auditors must be trained in auditing practices and the requirements of the ISO 22000 standard. Before conducting audits on their own, new auditors should perform two audits under an experienced auditor. Audit team leaders must have taken part in at least two audits as an auditor before they may be assigned a lead auditor position.

FSMS Internal Audit System Validation Responsibilities:

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for the internal food safety audit program, selecting employees to perform internal audits, reviewing the results of any food safety audit, and ensuring that corrective actions are understood and supervising the response to corrective actions.

Food Safety Audit Teams are responsible for conducting internal food safety audits, recommending corrective actions to reduce or eliminate any found nonconformity, and verifying the effectiveness of auditees’ responses.

Internal Auditors are responsible for conducting complete, detailed, and objective internal audits and reporting their findings to the Food Safety Team Leader and Top Management.

All Employees are responsible for cooperating with internal food safety auditors during the audit process and for taking appropriate corrective action in response to any deficiency found during the course of the audit.

FSMS Internal Audit System Validation ProcedureFSMS Internal Audit System Validation Procedure Activities

  • Food Safety Internal Audit Program
  • ISO 22000 Internal Audit Planning
  • Conducting Food Safety Internal Audits
  • FSMS Internal Audit Reporting
  • FSMS Internal Audit Follow-Up
  • Validation of the FSMS Internal Audit Process

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