How to Hire Your Dream Team

How to Hire Your Dream Team

This article discusses ideas on how to hire great and talented employees, the crème de la crème for your company growth. How do you hire your dream team?

Strategies for Hiring a Dream Teamteam player

Low talent levels in your company can cause a consistent slump in employee productivity, lowering your chances of staying competitive in the market. It can be the beginning of a slow company growth rate leading to loss of business and eventual collapse of your company. You need to address the talent shortage problem in your company ASAP! You need to add young, smart, and talented employees to your existing team. That will require you to change your conventional hiring methods so that you don’t end up recruiting from the same talent pool you hired from last time.

If you intend to expand internationally, or hire remote employees from across the globe, an international PEO can help you build an impressive talent pool. The primary job of PEOs is to help ambitious organizations like yours to compliantly hire virtually anywhere. What are 5 strategies to follow when hiring your dream team?


Look for Talents You Actually Need

Which departments are hardest hit by the talent shortage? Focus on finding talents that can fit into that department. Which talents are vital for your business growth? Which talents can truly make a difference in your company? Those are the talents you need to find. Many employers make the mistake of hiring top talents, the real crème de la crème, only to realize later that they actually didn’t need, and can’t actually utilize, any of the skills the new recruit brings even as impressive the skills are.


Work on Your Brand

Top talents in your industry will come to you on their own if they are convinced that working for you is the best shot they have at achieving their career goals. Ask any new tech graduate, from any top university in the world, about where they would want to work and you can bet that Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft will dominate the answers. That is why you need to establish yourself as a leader in your industry. Come up with interesting and inspiring online and offline campaigns. Build a strong connection with the audiences you attract and make sure that you give them value for their time (and data bundles). Spread socially relevant messages on social media. Invest in reputation management to ensure that you get the best online reviews from both clients and employees.


Blow Your Own Trumpettalk about your achievements

Even after building a strong brand online, you still need to work on your employee relations and remind people of how awesome it is to work for you. If someone reviews your company on Facebook, share that post. If your company is featured in the news, comment about it on social media. Read, comment, and share anything that makes you look good.

Blowing your own trumpet also means putting yourself out there to help other companies in your niche. You know, be seen by the public as the big brother who takes care of smaller businesses. You can, for example, share tips on how to be a good employer, or how to show appreciation to exceptional employees, or how to attract and retain top talents. The general public, and the future employees your company needs, translates that to mean that you have the labor market figured out. They see your competitors as your students in the employment game. Who wants to work for the student when the teacher is hiring?


Work on Your Job Descriptions

When hiring a person, of course you will need to write a job description. This is crucial, as you need to clearly define what you are requested from that person so that later it doesn’t backfire and the person comes saying that this wasn’t mentioned in the job description. When hiring a new team, don’t use the same job description you used several years ago. Write new descriptions for every post in a clear and concise style.

There are two reasons why we do this. First, it helps us find the best match and second it helps the candidate know exactly what is expected from them. That means the document should contain exactly the type of experience, education, skills and any other requirement that the company deems as important. Don’t write bulky descriptions: Just write enough text to emphasize the essential qualities and skills that your ideal candidate should have, why your company is the right employer for the targeted candidates, and how to apply for each post.


Benefits are Important 

Offer competitive salaries to attract top candidates. You don’t want to blow your wage bill out of proportion, but you have to pay your current employees as much as employees in competitor companies make, if not better. Offer employees better benefits besides salaries, including cash bonuses, gift cards, gym subscriptions, and paid vacations. Allow employees to work remotely if your line of work allows it. Also, wages are not the only thing to lure employees. Create favorable working conditions and an atmosphere where they can engage and network with each other. For example, invest in kitchen remodeling, and create a place where employees have a pleasant time while drinking their morning coffee. 

Hiring a Dream Team

In order to hire that dream team you are thinking off, remember to be flexible in all strategies you adopt because the labor markets across the globe are changing. Internationally, employee expectations are changing and so is technology. You have, for example, to accommodate millennial employees by investing in modern technology and offering them growth opportunities. Think outside the box, offer something bold, and your dream team is close at hand.


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