Aerospace Competence Awareness Procedure AS9100 | AS1070

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AS9100 Competence Awareness and Training ProcedureAS9100 Competence Awareness Procedure

The Aerospace Competence Awareness Procedure AS9100 ensures that all aerospace employees are competent, trained in the latest quality principles and techniques, and continually upgrading their knowledge and skills.

The AS9100 Competence Awareness Procedure outlines the methods and responsibilities for ensuring the competence of aerospace personnel performing work that affects the quality of the company’s products and/or services based on their education, training, skills, and experience. The procedure applies to all company personnel. (10 pages, 2444 words)

Competence Awareness AS9100 Responsibilities:

Managers are responsible for defining the minimum aerospace competency requirements for positions under their supervision and for assuring that employees meet those competency requirements.

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for maintaining a training and competence record for every employee.

Department Managers are responsible for ensuring the competence of their employees and for working with HR to develop individual training plans and aerospace competency requirements.

AS9100 Competence Awareness Procedure ActivitiesAerospace Competence Awareness

  • New Aerospace Employee Selection
  • New Aerospace Employee Orientation
  • Aerospace Employee Development Planning
  • Ongoing Aerospace Training
  • Aerospace Training Effectiveness
  • Aerospace Competence Documented Information
  • Aerospace Employee Performance Appraisals
  • Aerospace Employee Awareness

AS9100 References

  1. AS9100:2016 Rev D, “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations”, SAE International, Sept., 2016.
  2. Aerospace Quality Procedures

Statutory/regulatory requirements

  • USC Title 29 (Labor) Chapters 23 (Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification), 29 (Workers Technology Skill Development), and 30 (Workforce Investment Systems) – USA.

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