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easily editable in ms wordCash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure

A strict Cash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure is essential to your business if it relies on a high volume of cash transactions.

The Cash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure provides proper methods for internal control of funds received. It identifies practices for controlling the cash drawer and describes responsibilities of cash controllers and sales managers. (8 pages, 2191 words)

At the beginning of the shift, each cashier should count the beginning balance of their cash drawer. The cashier should then prepare a cash change fund sufficient for operations during their shift. All change requests or questions regarding the balance of the drawer should be directed to the sales manager. Cashiers should avoid obtaining change from any other cashiers.

Proper cash register practices should be used for all transactions. Cash drawers should only be opened when a tendered amount is entered, whether cash, check, credit card or cash is paid out. You should verify checks with two forms of ID (one with picture) and write driver’s license number on the check. Checks for more than the amount of purchase should require specific approval from the sales manager. Checks should be immediately restrictively endorsed (by stamp: “for deposit only – store name”).

Cash Drawers Credit Cards Responsibilities:

The Cash Manager is responsible for safeguarding/verifying and controlling all cash assets.

Cashiers are responsible for ensuring the completeness and accuracy of all opening, closing and intermediate transactions.

The Sales Manager is responsible for overseeing all sales transactions.

Cash Drawers Credit Cards ProcedureCash Drawers Credit Cards Procedure Activities

  • Opening Cash Drawers
  • Cash and Credit Transactions
  • Special Tender Items
  • Closing Cash Drawers
  • Chargebacks and Disputed Transactions
  • Security Precautions

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