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The ATM Visa Debit Card Procedure covers services to the banking customer that allow for 24 hour access to funds and account information, Visa acceptance and recognition, and overdraft protection among other services available from an ATM card, a Visa Debit card and/or a Line of Credit. This procedure describes the features, benefits, charges, and related information of the above stated credit card related services. The ATM card is available to both basic savings and checking account customers. The Visa Debit card and Line of Credit apply only to checking accounts. These services are all subject to the approval of a banking officer or supervisor. (4 pages, 1002 words)

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards are a service provided to a bank customer when opening a new account, which allows transactions to be completed at an accepted ATM. This service is provided as a convenience to the customer so he or she will not have to come in to the bank. A Visa Debit card is a useful service to customers as it can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, but rather than accruing a balance, the funds are charged directly to the customer’s account. A Line of Credit is a service provided to the customer which automatically transfers funds, in increments of $100.00, to the customer’s checking account if sufficient funds are not available when a check is presented for payment.

ATM Visa Debit Card Definition:

CIRRUS® the Cirrus logo on an ATM card signifies membership within the CIRRUS ATM Network that provides the customer with immediate access to funds (available in the local currency when traveling abroad). Nearly every major airport has ATMs that accept Cirrus as well as most mass transit stations, shopping centers, tourist attractions and close to 1 million ATMs worldwide.

ATM Visa Debit Card ProcedureATM Visa Debit Card Procedure Activities

  • ATM Card
  • Visa Debit Card
  • Line of Credit




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