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easily editable in ms wordShipping Procedure

The Shipping Procedure outlines the steps for packaging, storing, controlling and delivering all products and services offered by your company.

The shipping of goods policy ensures all of your company’s goods and services are delivered in an organized manner so that your customers are satisfied. It also ensures your company is in compliance with all United States Custom Exportation laws and regulations.

The Shipping Procedure apply to all products and services distributed by the company, and it includes the responsibilities of shipping, warehouse, accounting, accounts receivable and sales personnel. (12 pages, 2663 words)

There should be arrangements for appropriate shipping methods for products and ensure that protection and quality is maintained during shipping and through delivery to the destination (or to recipient’s carrier). If it is determined that a customer’s order will not arrive by a requested delivery date, then immediately notify Customer Service and/or the Sales Representative on the sales order of the delay and approximately when the order will arrive.

Shipping Responsibilities:

The Shipping Manager and Warehouse Personnel are responsible for ensuring that the items ordered by the customer are safely packed, that they arrive at their destination in a timely fashion, and that all paperwork is forwarded to the Accounting Manager for proper invoicing.

The Accounting Manager and Accounts Receivable are responsible for processing invoices only after satisfactory delivery of goods or services has been made.

The Sales Manager is responsible for ensuring that all delivery information is accurate and complete to ensure the customer receives their items as expected.

Shipping ProcedureShipping Procedure Activities

  • Shipping Inspection Packaging
  • Export Shipping
  • Manifest System
  • Shipment Pick-up
  • Additional Information Resources

Shipping Procedure Forms



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