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FSMS Purchasing Procedure | FDS1090

FDS1090 Purchasing Procedure

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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Purchasing Procedure

The FSMS Purchasing Procedure defines the methods to be used for procuring materials, supplies, and services at the company. The FSMS Purchasing Procedure applies to the purchase of all inventory items, supplies, materials and ingredients, subcontracted services, and capital equipment affecting food safety within the company. (12 pages, 1327 words)

For non-inventory production items, including supplies and engineering components, and services, the originating individual or department should prepare a purchase requisition.

Vendor selection for inventory and non-inventory items and subcontracted services should be conducted in accordance with supplier evaluation. Only suppliers on the approved vendor list may be used for items or services that may affect the safety of the company’s food products or services.

FSMS Purchasing Responsibilities:

All Employees that require a product or service must complete purchase requisitions specifying items for purchase and obtain required approvals.

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for evaluating suppliers, maintaining raw material inventories, placing orders with approved suppliers, negotiating pricing with suppliers, and forwarding all paperwork to accounting for payment.

The Accounting Manager and Accounts Payable are responsible for payment of invoices only after satisfactory completion or delivery of goods or services has been made.

The Food Safety Team Leader is responsible for including inspection requirements on Purchase Orders.

Warehouse Personnel are responsible for receiving, inspecting materials, and forwarding all paperwork to the Purchasing Manager.

FSMS Purchasing ProcedureFSMS Purchasing Procedure Activities

  • Order Determination and Requisition
  • Order Placement
  • Recordkeeping and Matching
  • Purchasing Review

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