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easily editable in ms wordTeller Transactions Procedure

The Teller Transactions Procedure assists the customer with basic account transactions. Tellers are responsible for a variety of transactions in addition to deposits and check cashing. Tellers should process other customer requests accurately, efficiently, and in a friendly manner. The following procedures include, but are not limited to, telephone transfers, photocopy requests, change of address requests, verifying if checks have cleared or have been paid, balancing checkbooks, and processing Line of Credit Payments. (8 pages, 1653 words)

When dealing with telephone transfers, the teller should verify the identity of the person on the phone by comparing his or her social security number and mother’s maiden name with the information on the account. If the customer wants to transfer funds to or from a business account, ensure that the customer is a signer on the account. The Teller should complete the necessary forms for photocopy requests and address changes. Tellers also assist in many other transactions.

teller transactions procedureTeller Transactions Procedure Activities

  • Telephone Transfers
  • Photocopy Requests
  • Change of Address
  • Verifying Check Clearance or Payment
  • Balancing Customers’ Checkbooks
  • Line of Credit Payments

Teller Transactions Procedure Forms




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