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easily editable in ms wordVendor Selection Procedure

The Vendor Selection Procedure provides methods for determining, documenting, and inspecting vendors for compliance with your company’s policies and vendor contract purchasing requirements.

The Vendor Selection Procedure ensures the vendors your company contracts with are capable, and it maintains internal control of purchasing functions. The vendor selection policy applies to all vendors of products, materials and services that affect your company’s products and services.

The Vendor Selection Procedure describes the responsibilities of purchasing, finance, and quality assurance personnel. (12 pages, 1102 words)

With vendor selection, new vendors should be evaluated using certain criteria such as: Pricing (competitive pricing is one component of the evaluation and may be outweighed by other factors. Pricing alone will not be a deciding factor unless all else is equal), Parts availability, and shipping time frame. Some vendors will be disqualified. What would lead to this? Suppliers not responsive to Corrective Action Requests or unable to correct problems with delivery or quality may be disqualified. Disqualification is generally a consensus decision between the Quality Assurance Manager and the Operations Manager.

Vendor Selection Responsibilities:

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for initial supplier identification and for collection of business information related to the potential supplier. The Purchasing Manager is also responsible for maintaining supplier performance data for ongoing suppler evaluation.

Financial Management is responsible for evaluation of the potential supplier’s financial information.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for evaluating the supplier’s quality systems as appropriate and for reporting supplier quality performance on a continuous basis.

Vendor Selection ProcedureVendor Selection Procedure Activities

  • Vendor Selection
  • Vendor Inspections
  • Vendor Files

Vendor Selection Procedure Forms



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