Critical Vendor-Contractor Evaluation ISO Template | QP1120-3

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easily editable in ms wordCritical Vendor-Contractor Evaluation ISO Template

The Procurement Manager should periodically (or as needed) evaluate critical vendors, using QP1120-3 CRITICAL VENDOR-CONTRACTOR EVALUATIONS. Categories on the Critical Vendor-Contractor Evaluation ISO Template should be based on such factors as:

  • The vendor’s performance history;
  • Number/percent of defects found – history of supplying quality products or services;
  • Ability to deliver on time, consistency of on-time delivery;
  • Record of delivering quantities ordered (back orders, etc.);
  • Vendor audit results; and more.

New vendors should be subject to a “probationary period”, the length of this period to be determined by the Procurement Manager and based on such factors as the criticality of the vendor’s services/materials. The Procurement Manager may put a vendor “on notice” (on probation) on the basis of the degree of nonconformity in a single incident, a series of nonconformities, or a detected trend toward nonconformity.

Critical Vendor-Contractor Evaluation ISO TemplateCritical Vendor-Contractor Evaluation ISO Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 96
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Quality Assurance Policy Statement and Procedures
Procedure: ISO Supplier Evaluation Procedure QP1120
Type: Form

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