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The Customer Communication Procedure AS9100 ensures that aerospace customer feedback regarding the company’s aircraft products/services is promptly, efficiently, and effectively handled and resolved. The procedures minimizes negative customer feedback and helps the company identify and act on problems and opportunities.

This procedure applies to all company personnel who communicate with our customers. (12 pages, 1789 words)

Customer Communication AS9100 Responsibilities:

The Sales Manager is responsible for all communication with the customer prior to and including the sale.

Customer Service Representatives are responsible for maintaining ongoing relations, post-sale, with each customer (relationship management) and for maintaining the company’s customer files (customer database). Within ongoing relations are included: receiving customer complaints and/or comments; investigating complaints/comments; and resolving or obtaining resolution.

The Design and Development Manager may communicate directly with the customer regarding design and development issues.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring corrective actions are taken, when necessary.

Department Managers are responsible for assisting Customer Service Representatives with customer complaint resolution.

Customer Communication AS9100 Definitions:

Major customer – Organization or individual purchasing above an annual threshold (dollar amount) of products or services from the company.

Customer relationship management (CRM) – Systematic collection and utilization of customer data (e.g., identity, buying/spending patterns, and interests) for the purpose of fostering customer loyalty through individualized correspondence, tailored benefits, and offers.

Customer service representative (CSR) – Employee who provides various types of office support (e.g., responding to customer inquiries, maintaining customer accounts, processing applications for service, and receiving payments according to specific guidelines and procedures); distinguished from general office support in that responsibilities may include extensive public contact in situations requiring problem resolution and duties which relate specifically to customer account maintenance.

Customer – Person, group, or entity (a) whose needs and requirements drive a project, (b) who receives the project’s output, and (c) who provides project requirements and funding.

Customer Communication Procedure AS9100 Customer Communication Procedure AS9100 Activities

  • Planning Aerospace Customer Communication
  • Regular Communication with Aerospace Customers
  • Aerospace Customer Complaints
  • Aerospace Customer Problem Diagnosis
  • Repairs and/or Replacements
  • AS9100 Trend Analysis
  • Aerospace Customer Communication Plan Review

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