Why Use Policies and Procedures Manuals?

Why Use Policies and Procedures Manuals?

Why should you buy Bizmanualz Policies and Procedures manuals instead of someone else’s? Here are the top reasons why…

Why Use Policies and Procedures Manuals from Bizmanualz?

MS Word Procedure Template

MS Word Procedure Template

Listed here are eight reasons to use Bizmanualz MW-Word templates to create your business manual.

1. Handy Procedure Starting Point – No Need to Start Business Policies Procedures Writing from Scratch

Using a strong business policies procedure starting point from Bizmanualz can kick-start your business policies procedure writing and improve the usability of your procedures (hence, their usefulness). It can also reduce procedure confusion and user errors and help you achieve your compliance and control objectives.

2. Easy to Edit Microsoft Word Procedure TemplatesWord Template

MS-Word is the business standard for word processing applications. Bizmanualz business policies procedures use basic features of MS-Word (bulleting, page numbering, and title tags for table of contents making, etc.) that help to speed up procedure development.


3. Immediately Available for Downloading via the Internet

Business policies procedures manuals are available for instant download via compressed “zip” files for immediate downloading over the Internet. Just complete the simple checkout process, download your order, and start editing. Its that easy.

library of procedures

4. Thoroughly Researched Content Prepared by Quality ProfessionalsISO 9001 Quality

All procedure manual content is researched by certified quality professionals, subject matter experts, and technical writers who together have decades of business experience. The finished product is thoroughly reviewed by subject matter experts who bring their years of specialized experience to the topics we cover. Everything from accounting & finance, to technology, human resources, and sales & marketing is covered.

5. Easy Reading ISO Conforming Format and Best Practices

Over 17,000 ISO standards are available, standards that align companies around the world. The ISO 9001 Quality standard uses the process approach to describe — and provide a framework for — management systems. Rather than reinvent the wheel, Bizmanualz, uses the same process approach and incorporates best practices in developing and implementing procedure manuals.

6. Live Help via Phone or Email to Answer Your Questions Quickly

Answers to questions about your policies and procedures manual, subject matter, references, or manual preparation are only a phone call or email away. Bizmanualz staff are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, Central (US) time.

7. Integrated Selection of Business Management Procedures for Your Whole Company

A company is made up of more than a single topic or department. Business management policies and procedures are used by accounting and finance (to control cash), human resources (to comply with federal and state regulations), information technology (to control your data), disaster recovery (to plan for emergencies), security (to protect your assets), sales and marketing (to deploy your strategy), and quality (to operate a complete quality management system and for compliance). Bizmanualz is the only company that provides all of your department business management policies and procedures manuals.CEO DL New

8. Custom Training and Consulting Services, to Facilitate Understanding and Implementation

Bizmanualz quality professionals are available to personally explain how to plan your procedures project, help you understand your business processes, write and review your procedures, implement your procedures, perform process procedures audits, or develop training materials for successful procedure implementation.


Competitors may be able to match us on a few of the above, but no other company matches or beats Bizmanualz on all reasons. What do you think? Time to check out Bizmanualz Policies and Procedures Manuals!

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