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The Stakeholder Analysis Matrix Template is used to identify project stakeholders and interests. The Strategy Team should identify individuals or groups likely to have an effect on or be affected by the product, service, or process under consideration – the stakeholders – and list the stakeholders in the “Stakeholder” column of MP1010-1 STAKEHOLDER ANALYSIS MATRIX. The Strategy Team should develop and refine the stakeholder list over one or more brainstorming sessions.

The Strategy Team should identify each stakeholder’s interests (i.e., what the stakeholder values most) and record this information in the “Interests” column of the Stockholder Analysis Matrix. For example, they should:

  • List actual or potential benefits to the stakeholder (e.g., more jobs, increased revenue, improved delivery, product quality);
  • The potential for stakeholder injury, damage, or conflict (e.g., losing jobs); and/or
  • Changes the project may require of the stakeholder (e.g., automating a process, changing sales territory boundaries).

The Strategy Team should determine each stakeholder’s current needs and how well the company addresses those needs and record their observations in the “Current Needs Assessment” column of the matrix. The team should also attempt to determine possible future needs of each stakeholder and determine how the company might best address those needs – or if it can (or wants to) address them – and record such observations.

MP1010-1 Stakeholder Analysis MatrixStakeholder Analysis Matrix Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 180
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Sales and Marketing
Category: Marketing Planning
Procedure: Stakeholder Analysis Procedure MP1010
Type: Log

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