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Receiving and inspection proceduresReceiving Inspection Procedure

The Receiving Inspection Procedure outline purchasing steps for receiving products and inspecting materials, components, parts, finished goods, etc., and stocking these items or disposing of rejected items.

All purchased parts, components, goods and materials should be received in an organized manner and inspected for conformance prior to stocking to provide an initial quality control inspection. Any items or shipments rejected should be properly quarantined from other inventory items until the materials or receiving products can be dispositioned.

The Receiving Inspection Procedure ensures goods and materials will be received in an organized manner and inspected for conformance prior to stocking to provide initial quality control.

The Receiving Inspection Procedure applies to the receipt of all inventory items and involves receiving and warehouse personnel, purchasing manager, accounting manager, accounts payable, and quality control manager. (10 pages, 1532 words)

Receiving Inspection Responsibilities:

The Receiving Manager and Warehouse Personnel are responsible for receiving, inspecting materials, and forwarding all paperwork to the Purchasing Manager.

The Purchasing Manager is responsible for accepting or rejecting damaged goods.

The Accounting Manager and Accounts Payable are responsible for payment of invoices only after satisfactory completion or delivery of goods or services has been made.

The Quality Control Manager will review and authorize all rejections.

Receiving Inspection ProcedureReceiving Inspection Procedure Activities

  • Receiving Procedure
  • Receiving Inspection Procedure
  • Rejection, Discrepancies and Disposition
  • Stocking and Product Return

Receiving Inspection Procedure Forms



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