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easily editable in ms wordDevelopment Contracts Procedure

The Development Contracts Procedure ensures that contracts are written correctly, retained, and filed in an appropriate manner. Contract documents are important and must be received, processed and verified in a correct manner to avoid misunderstandings and disputes.

The construction Development Contracts Procedure applies to all project managers, supervisors, and project administrators. Contracts should define the agreement and responsibilities of all parties to the contract. (6 pages, 900 words)

Development Contracts Responsibilities:

The Project Manager should ensure that all of the contract documents agree exactly with the documents upon which the tender for the project was based. In the event of any discrepancies in the contract documents, they should inform the Division Manager, who will then direct an appropriate course of action to be taken.

Development Contracts Procedure

Development Contracts Procedure Activities

  • Construction Contract Documents
  • Construction Contract Documents Log
  • Project Performance and Payment Bonds
  • Title Search
  • Financial Status Check

Development Contracts Procedure Forms



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