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AS9100 PEAR Audit Report

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AS9100 Process Effectiveness Assessment Report

easily editable in ms word When auditing an aerospace business process it is important to determine the effectiveness of the process planning and the system of processes. On a periodic basis, the Lead Auditor shall complete AS1200-5 PROCESS EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT REPORT (PEAR) audit (see AS9101D for guidance) to determine the status of the product realization processes (order acceptance, purchasing, design, manufacturing).

PEAR audits will be conducted by the certification body so it is important for the company to assess the product realization process before the registrar arrives.

Business process planning means that each element of the process has been determined and is effective (is able to achieve planned results). As an AS9100 auditor, we need to understand each process, 12 months of historical data, and the appropriateness of actions taken to achieve planned results. The AS9100 Internal Audits Procedure describes the company’s Internal Audit process. The procedure applies to all operations affecting or affected by the company’s QMS.

The AS9101D Standard explains the PEAR process and requirements for the PEAR audit. The key determination in a PEAR audit is to determine the Effectiveness Level of each process.

The core elements of a PEAR audit include:

  • Process Name
  • Process details, including associated process interfaces
  • Applicable 9100/9110/9120 clause(s)
  • Organization’s method for determining process effectiveness
  • Auditor observations and comments supporting process effectiveness determination
  • Statement of Effectiveness Level: The process is:
    1. Not implemented; planned results are not achieved.
    2. Implemented; planned results are not achieved and appropriate actions not taken.
    3. Implemented; planned results are not achieved, but appropriate actions being taken.
    4. Implemented; planned results are achieved.

 AS9100 PEAR Audit Report

Process Effectiveness Assessment Report AS9100 Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 74
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Aerospace
Procedure: Internal Audits Procedure AS9100 AS1200
Type: Report

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