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easily editable in ms wordMail Express Services Procedure

The Mail Express Services Procedure provides the basic information needed to perform mailing functions in an accurate and efficient manner to ensure prompt and reliable delivery.

The Mail Express Services Procedure applies to all incoming and outgoing mail and express services. (6 pages, 961 words)

For General Mail…

All employees should place daily outgoing mail in the outgoing mail bin by 3:30 p.m. Three mail baskets are provided for the processing of outbound mail as follows:

  • Uncompleted Domestic Mail: Mail that requires addressing or stamping.
  • Uncompleted International Mail: Requires research for rates or stamping.
  • Completed Mail: Mail ready for delivery to the Post Office or Mailbox.

For Express Mail…

The U.S. Post Office also has an overnight delivery service, which the company utilizes. Express mail via the post office system is the only express service, which can be delivered to a post office box. A routing form must be completed with the name, address, telephone number of the destination (To) and the originator (From).

Mail Express Services Responsibilities:

The Office Manager is responsible for administrating the office mail procedures. The Office Manager should process all outgoing mail accordingly. They will be responsible for operation of the postage meter and maintaining an adequate postage balance for processing of daily mail. Employees should not operate the postage meter without permission. All incoming mail will be received by the Office Manager who will distribute the mail to each employee’s designated mailbox.

All Employees are responsible for following the office mail procedures.

Mail Express Services Procedure Mail Express Services Procedure Activities

  • General Mail Usage
  • Addressing Mail
  • Express Mail
  • Overnight Packages
  • Additional Informational Resources

Mail Express Services Procedure Forms


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