What Types of Business Software are Helpful for Businesses?

What Types of Business Software are Helpful for Businesses?
Business software can improve the efficiency of a business just like any other type of software: a system of programs used by a computer. When it comes to business software specifically, it’s a network of operating information that performs certain business functions instead of them having to be done by a human. What types of software are helpful for business?

Which Types of Business Software Can Benefit Businesses?

Document Control Software

OnPolicy Software simplifies your policy and procedures management by providing an easy online software interface to upload, manage, control and share your important policy and procedures documents over your local intranet (LAN) or the Internet (WAN) worldwide.

Businesses can benefit from having different types of software to help automate tasks that are too complicated to do by hand. This, in turn, boosts office productivity allowing businesses run much more efficiently and with less error.

Yet, no two businesses are exactly the same, so each business will need a combination of software systems that are unique to them. However, there are a few types of software that are pretty universal to all types of businesses.

Communication Software

Any business that has two or more employees can benefit from communication software— and this software can be as simple as downloading an app (e.g., Asana or Slack) onto your smartphone. This is especially helpful for businesses with remote workers, as these applications help the team stay in constant contact with each other as they collaborate on business projects.

Another popular communication software is Zoom, the video conferencing platform. While these communication tools are used extensively by remote workers, those working in-person can benefit from them as well.

Customer Relationship Management Software

One way a business can become more successful is to understand how to meet its customers’ or clients’ needs in a better way, and there’s software for that! Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, software helps business owners understand how customers interact with their business and how to establish and maintain better relationships with them.

CRM software can also help you improve your interactions with potential customers. Information gathered from CRM software can help businesses decide where to spend more of their time and money to attract and retain customers. JD Edwards is an example of a business software that can help with CRM, and much more!

Financial SoftwareSoftware Technology

Finances are, hands down, the most important part of a business, so it’s a good idea to invest in financial software tools that will help you keep track of your business finances. Choosing an accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Xero will make it easier to keep track of the money coming in and the money going out. Good accounting software should have a bookkeeping, payroll, and tax function as well.

Another good type of financial software to have is some sort of payment software. If your customers/clients are billed on a regular schedule (like a subscription service), then this is definitely needed. This software will keep a record of your payments and ensure that your customers are always billed/notified when a payment is due.

Marketing Software

The goal of every business is to make money from a product or service they’re offering, and the only way to let the public know about your business is through some form of marketing and associated marketing automation tools. Marketing software can help you see which of your marketing efforts are converting sales and which ones aren’t. This insight will allow you to make the most of your marketing budget, and help you to improve your sales in the process.

Time and Project Management SoftwareSaaS Cloud

Just like communication software, all businesses will benefit from project and time management software. Asana and Lark are two examples of project management software that also allows for easy communication among team members. These apps make it easy to break down a large project into smaller, more manageable tasks for each team member to tackle.

When used alongside a time tracking software like MinuteDock, you’ll be able to see where most of the team’s time is being placed, and where it can be better placed for more efficiency. This is still a good software to have even if you don’t have your employees work in teams. As long as you have tasks that need to be done within a specific time frame, you’ll benefit from having time tracking software.

Website Building Software

All businesses will benefit from having a website— even if you’re a local business in a small town. Your website is simply a landing page for all information about your business, even if your customers/clients can’t make a purchase or appointment online. You can even create a blog on your website to give additional information to your customers.

We live in a digital world where the majority of people use a computer and/or smartphone, and when they’re searching for whatever it is you’re providing, it will greatly benefit your business if your website could come up in a Google search. Some software systems may even offer tips on search engine optimization (SEO) practices that will help your website rank higher in search results.

Types of Business Software

Software to run a business is a must for all types of businesses. New business owners should think of it as an investment in their business rather than an additional cost, and they should look into business software that offers multiple functions to help you save money.

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