Are AI Tools Close to Thinking and Writing Like Humans?

Are AI Tools Close to Thinking and Writing Like Humans?

What makes artificial intelligent (AI) technology even more special is that some of the AI tools can think and write like human beings. Well, it would be more appropriate to say that they are quite close. It can help you order food or even come up with a great title for your next song! So we have to ask: Are AI Tools Close to Thinking and Writing Like Humans?

AI-Powered Tools Close to Thinking and Writing Like HumansArtificial intelligence

The readers belonging to the older generation might still remember how people used to fear anything related to Artificial Intelligence, driven by the fear that computers will take the human world by storm. The reality has shown that computers have, indeed, entered our lives through various mobile hand-held devices and a plethora of different helpful apps.


WriteSonic is AI copywriter aimed at high-performing blogs and the creation of descriptions. It is the most famous AI copywriter that helps to create high-performing ads, blogs, special commercial pages, product descriptions, or any other creative ideas. While it may not be able to outperform humans, it still helps to choose the right words to increase sales.

Even though WriteSonic has a great conversational style, it is still not enough for technical writing. For this purpose, it is safer to consider TopWritersReview as an expert human input is vital for all the technical aspects of writing. Nevertheless, WriteSonic’s capabilities can also generate YouTube video titles that can be a great time-saver. 


This AI app is more complex with a monthly price of $250. It is for a reason as we have even large companies like Microsoft trusting this AI solution to generate amazing content. Before you say that Wordsmith might be the end of human writers, you can be assured that this tool implements the task that most human writers really dislike. Imagine turning complex data and statistics into an insightful narration. It is amazing as it will turn your numbers into something interesting and engaging. 

AI Writer copywriter artificial intelligence

Basically, it says that you can choose a topic for the headlines of your article and send it to this software tool. Just wait a bit and AI Writer will generate something truly interesting that will represent a draft. It can also improve things with the writing bot by helping as an SEO tool.

Sometimes it can sound really odd, though, which is why do not forget about TopEssayWriting for the cases when you need to write a college assignment. Your college professor might not like the style of the AI-bot writing your paper! Jokes aside, it is worth trying for creative purposes! 


The paraphrasing tool represents a language generation platform that works much like how our brain functions. What makes QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool special is that it is already integrated into Google Docs and Chrome, which might be useful for some people to rewrite and enhance any sentence.

Unlike other entries in our list, Quillbot has a free version (700 character limit). If you want to have a great word choices that avoid plagiarism as you paraphrase using using state-of-the-art AI, do not think twice as it is free!  There are three free modes and four premium modes to choose from guaranteeing you find the perfect tone and style for any story.

Siri Voice Assistant writing style

The Siri voice assistant  is a favorite tool of both young and old as even youngsters who are only starting to talk know about it and ask Siri for help! Yes, it does talk with the voice of Susan Bennett, yet it provides a seamless way of human-like interaction.

It is one of the best Apple inventions that can help you basically with anything at all! Just like Google Assistant and Cortana, Siri is often used for educational purposes since it can be adjusted and teach people to improve their basic social skills. 

Amazon’s Alexa 

Just use the wake-up word by saying “Alexa” and it will listen to you. It can set a reminder, find your phone, make a Skype phone call, read your email, and order something online. While it is a bit different compared to Siri and has a specific set of things it can do, it can also play games or talk in different voices. It is often called an Amazon’s voice assistant, which is true, yet this system does so much more than that! If you want to have some fun and inspiration, try it out! 

AI Tools That Think and Write Like HumansBI business intelligence

Well, it is hard to say for certain and it is safe to claim that no person knows a definite answer. One thing, however, is quite clear, AI technology should be used with great care as it can be programmed for a good purpose or one that brings us harm.

It must implement analysis and enhance human capacities instead of making us lazy by relying on automation and robotics. It is also important to remember that it takes a person to program any AI-based tool, which is why it is a great responsibility that requires strong morals and ethics. 

Author Bio: Charlotte Banks is a freelance blogger and an educator. She mostly blogs about education-related topics, including tips for teachers, students, and parents. She’s also one of the writers and an experienced essayist at WritingUniverse. Follow her on Twitter.


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