What Makes Good Copywriting?

What Makes Good Copywriting?

People are also asking how to write good content marketing. Copywriting has become all the rage in recent times. If you work in digital marketing, the chances are that you have heard of it. Copywriters are easily the highest-paid writers at the moment. To become a pro, you need to invest energy and time in learning the craft. Learn to acquire the traits of what makes good copywriting.

Traits of Good Copywriting

change perpectives

To make a lucrative career in copywriting, you need to know the traits of excellent copy readers. It is easy to tell the difference between good copywriting and bad copywriting. However, the question is how you can produce outstanding work. How do you know good copywriting when you see it? 

This is where this post comes into place. We share the top traits of excellent copywriting. Acquire these traits to excel in copywriting.  

Change Your Perspective

One of the most important traits that will help you make it in copywriting is the trait to change perspective. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple sentence to break through an angle. As we have grown accustomed to repelling marketing messages, it’s almost like we never come across them anymore. An unexpected approach allows copywriters to catch readers off guard.

Emotional Phases of Change

This makes a great content marketing strategy to engage your customers with stories. Each story offers various angles; as a copywriter, you need to find the best one. When you put readers in the front seat and allow them to experience something they do not know. They are more likely to be taken aback by your writing.

Once viewers read your message, the ad should resonate with them and change their perspective about your product or an issue. To make the most of this trait, you do not need to take on the topic head-on and instead, think about how you can write what matters. You may use an online vision board, a mind map, or interview multiple people to inspire yourself and look at things from a unique perspective. Always challenge yourself to find the bigger picture behind the message.

There is bound to be a purpose behind everything. It is your job as a copywriter to find it and write about it.

Connect with Your Reader

Another trait of excellent copy readers is finding connections that attract customers online. There is always something that we can all connect on. That is all creativity is about. Creative people are those that pay attention to the obvious. 

For instance, if you want to write about apps for health care, you could take on the work head-on. This would mean that you would write about the features of those health care apps. However, you could take things a step further by thinking about how the app can connect with your target audience.

If you do not feel like thinking about it, you can simply start drawing a connection between the health care app and the experience it evokes. Coming back to the example, there is more to health care apps than just monitoring your heartbeat. The apps allow you to find your inner peace. 

To highlight the experience, you also need to use the app yourself. It will help you better understand how you connect with the app and how others can benefit from the same.

Use Amazing Headlines 

Excellent copywriters know just how important headlines are as a marketing tactic. They entice viewers to keep reading. The main goal should be to draw attention and spark interest. The headline should make viewers want to read what you have to say next. 

The fact is that copywriting is all about drawing readers by getting viewers to read the first line, then the next, and so on. It is about creating content that makes your audience want to read it entirely. The first line should complement the headline, and the second line should complement the first line until the final takeaway.Customer Voice

Listen, Truly Listen

Listening to the voice of the customer is an extremely important trait that excellent copywriters possess. With so much going on in the world, you have to truly listen if you want to write something that resonates with your audience. When you come to think of it, listening is the same as market research. It allows you to learn about your customers and the market. Once you have spent time listening, you will have an idea about how to best write about the topic. 

To serve your audience, you need to humble yourself. This is only possible through listening, and it provides you with vital insights into the desires and language used by your audience. Then, you can use this newfound knowledge to craft an expert piece. It is also one of the keys to writing social media posts that sell.

Avoid Hyperbole and Jargon

Have you come across an ad that you fail to understand? Yes, we are sure that you have. The reason behind this is because some copywriters fail to use simple language to simplify what the company offers. Instead, they use jargon and hyperbole, which alienates the audience from the message. Avoiding jargon will improve your business writing as well.

When copywriters have a difficult time conveying a message, they end up using jargon that underscores their point. Truth be told, good copywriting does not require any dressing up. It should speak to readers in human terms. Now, this does not mean that you should not introduce new ideas to your customers. Just be direct about what you have to offer and try to explain everything in clear and simple language as much as possible.

Get to the Point, Fastwriting with verbs

Finally, amazing copy readers get to the point. They cut the waste out to ensure that message is clear and direct as it can be using active voice and the power of verbs. Copywriters need to reword sentences, remove extra words, and long winded phrases. The secret to getting rid of excess words is half knowing and half practice. 

The following tips, as suggested by Daily Writing Tips, perfectly illustrate how you can write precisely. 

  • Cut down verb phrases such as “the results are very suggestive and indicate that” to just “the results suggest.”
  • Cut down on wordy phrases and use single words like “to” instead of “in order to.” 
  • Avoid using vague nouns such as “regarding the topic of” and “concerning the area of.” 

Become an Excellent Copywriter

Now that you know more about the top traits of excellent copywriters, you can acquire them to write impactful and amazing content. There is no reason for you to think that you cannot learn these traits. Always remember that practice makes perfect.

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