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easily editable in ms wordComputer Internet Usage Policy Procedure

The Computer Internet Usage Policy Procedure delineates procedures for accessing your company’s IT network and/or accessing the Internet through your company’s IT network. The computer and internet use policy template defines acceptable and inappropriate computer and Internet use for diffusion throughout your company.

The Company Internet Usage Policy Procedure applies to all personnel with access to Internet and related services including but not limited to electronic mail (email), File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Gopher, and World Wide Web access. (8 pages, 1571 words)

Access to the Internet is specifically limited to activities in direct support of official company business. In addition to access in support of specific work related duties, the company Internet connection may be used for educational and research purposes. If any user has a question of what constitutes acceptable use he/she should check with their supervisor for additional guidance.

Computer Internet Usage Responsibilities:

All Employees are responsible for knowing and adhering to this usage policy.

The Information Technology Security Manager is responsible for enforcing this policy.

Computer Internet Usage Definitions:

Internet – The international computer network of networks that connect government, academic and business institutions; the Internet (capitalized) refers specifically to the DARPA Internet and the TCP/IP protocols it uses.

Intranet – A private network contained within an enterprise; a network within one organization, using Web technologies to share information internally

Computer Internet Usage Policy ProcedureComputer Internet Usage Policy Procedure Activities

  • Acceptable Use Policy-Computers and Internet
  • Inappropriate Use Policy-Computers and Internet
  • Internet and E-mail Etiquette Policy
  • Computer and Internet Usage-Security
  • Computer and Internet Usage-Penalties
  • Computer and Internet Usage-Conclusion
  • User Compliance with Usage-Penalties

Computer Internet Usage Policy Procedure References

  • ISO 27002:2013 Standard-Information Technology Code of Practice for Information Security Management, Clause 8.2.1 (Network Controls)

Computer Internet Usage Policy Procedure Forms



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